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Advantages of Fuel Cards

Updated on October 3, 2012

First Fuel Cards in India

Choosing the right gift i soften a daunting task, considering the choices available within a defined budget . Browsing through gift catalogues often leaves o n e even more confused. Your gift will be cherished and appreciated only if the receiver sees value in it. The challenge then is to choose a gift that is valued highly but stays within your budget.

The automobile revolution sweeping the nation today has enabled people from all walks of life to acquire vehicles for their personal use. And for a vehicle owner, the offer of 'free fuel' is always a much sought-after gift with high perceived value.

XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel card from IndianOil is a unique gifting option that is now available to corporate entities. It enables gifting of free fuel or lubricants from over 6,000 IndianOil fuel stations across the country. This smartcard-based fuel card has now evolved to meet the unique and varying needs of its users.

XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel card is being used as a tool to reimburse EASY FUEL fuel expenses of field executives. The option of multiple recharging or topping-up is highly convenient. Web enabled and password- protected, XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel card is an error-free option that can make life simpler for both the employer and the employees.

Free fuel is a preferred corporate gift that your valuable customers would always find useful. Here again there is the option to give them a one-time preloaded card or give them cards with multiple loading options.

Many corporate entities today are opting for XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel cards to reward even channel partners or as a popular gift item for redeeming points accrued in their own loyalty programmes. So the next time you think of a corporate gift-get smart and gift fuel. Just go for XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel card-a convenient, I' secure and smart gifting option.

XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel card: India's first smartcard-based fuel voucher. A unique corporate gifting solution:

Employees on jobs: Fuel reimbursement; awards and incentives. Customers: Festive compliments; giveaways.

Incentives: Rewards schemes; loyalty programme redemption gift option

Advantages of Fuel Cards For Business

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