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Build your Own Affordable Electric Cars

Updated on March 3, 2014
Electric Car
Electric Car | Source

Now Anyone can Own an Electric Car

You have certainly heard and seen a lot about electric cars. There is always some news of a prototype electric car being introduced by a global car manufacturer. And, you keep wondering when these cars will start rolling on the roads and you could also own a one. However, the fact is that some vehicle manufacturers have actually started to roll out their first electric cars into the automobile markets, but given the fact that they are too costly for the common man to afford, they are not yet able to score in terms of numbers.

This is one aspect that you consider most of the time when you face the problem of rising fuel prices. Electric cars are much more economical in terms of operational costs. They cost less than an internal combustion engine-based car for covering equal distance, and they don’t require as much maintenance and repair. Your gasoline-driven car can take you at the most 30 miles for each gallon, and a complete recharge of your electric car batteries can take you to more than 50 miles. And, you need to know that recharging these batteries takes $1 to $2 and you can compare it with the price of a gallon of gasoline.


The Electric Motor

An electric vehicle has other benefits in money savings as well. It runs on electric motor compared to the age-old horse, the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The ICE has innumerable moving parts that contribute to incessant wear and tear, and eventually as the car owner you have to ensure regular maintenance and repair of your car. Now consider owning an electric car. It doesn't have as many moving parts as found in the ICE. This means less wear and tear, and lesser amount of repair and maintenance. Studies conducted on the difference between the operating costs of Internal Combustion Engine-based cars and electric cars has confirmed that while the former cost as much as $10,000 in running over a period of 5 to 6 years, the later cost around $2,000. Now that’s a margin that you cannot ignore as a car owner.


Zero Emission

There is one more way you are making savings by owning an electric car. Note it that an electric vehicle releases zero emission into the atmosphere. This is something unique and the main reason why car manufacturers are focusing on developing electric cars. And, government offers tax incentives to people who own electric cars. Thus, you would be enjoying a two-way benefit by owning an electric car – saving money and putting a full-stop to the addition of dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and others to earth’s atmosphere.



Now, coming back to the same question of affordability, on one hand you would find it very lucrative to own an electric car, but on the other hand you would find that you may not be able to afford one. Speaking it another way, you may not be able to afford a factory-made electric car, but you certainly can own an electric car that is converted using electric car conversion kit. Yes, it is possible to convert your gasoline-driven car into an electric car for a price that is just a small margin of what you would otherwise be spending on buying a factory-built electric car.

There are numerous firms that offer reliable and highly affordable EV Kits that you can use to create your own electric car. There are different types of kits offered by these firms based upon the kind of car that you want to convert. Some of the kits conform to the type of car model you have, and others are general and can do with models that are not otherwise covered. Again, based upon the type of kit there may be different components in it – electric motor, controller, shaft coupler, throttle box, adapter plate and others. Once you have the electric car conversion kit, you can expect to get the help of a few friends or a professional electrical engineer and mechanic, plus an investment of 100 to 150 hours and you would be a proud owner of a super-economical and environment-friendly electric car.

It’s certainly time that you say good-bye to the daily rising graph of gasoline prices, and start making some substantial savings, for both your family’s future and for nature’s future. In the end, the future of earth is directly or indirectly related to the future of your children.

Anand Nair is an avid writer on a wide range of topics, having worked in 3 dailies. Contact him for creating grasping and factual articles like these.


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    • anandnairkollam profile image

      anandnairkollam 6 years ago from India

      @INDIAGUIDE Thanks!

      Since, I write for American and UK audience, I am not certain about the introduction of Electric Cars in India. Sorry! If I had information, I would certainly have helped.

      Thanks again!

    • INDIAGUIDE profile image

      INDIAGUIDE 6 years ago from Orissa, India

      Nice hub to start with Anand. I am an indian. But is it affordable in India. But nice work.