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Toad Alarm Security System

Updated on September 3, 2010

The Toad Alarm Ai606  Car Security System can be a welcome asset to any car wanting top of the range security and protection for their vehicle. But for some unhappy owners of this system it can mean disaster. If you are going to purchase one of these systems, the first thing you should consider is having it installed by a professional VSIB installer. If you do than that will guarantee that the service they provide will come under a warranty should the system fail. And insurance companies will ask for a certificate of installation that corresponds with the category on your insurance quote. So make sure you meet all the legal requirements, as this will save you a heck of a lot of grief in the long run.

Toad Alarms That Are Compatible

The system itself is reliable and is more than adequate for it's purpose if installed and fitted the right way. You will need to find out if the system is compatible with the components on your car before installing one. In some cases most problems that arise come for the wiring of the system and not the actual alarm itself, these type of alarms need to be fitted to specification otherwise they will not meet Thatcham's standard of approval A nd when it comes to any insurance claims it will be that much harder to put in a legitimate claim.

Toad ALarm Warranty

I have installed one of these toad alarms in my own car and found it to be very reliable for the past 2 years considering one time when i pushed the unlock  on the remote and it didn't work and got locked out of my car. I must have been pushing that dam button till my finger turned red and on top of that passers by must have thought I was breaking into my own car. But any way i was still under the warranty of the installation, and when the toad alarm technician came around to check it out he found out that it was a simple misplaced wire. I was treated well by the company who installed it in the first place and they didn't hesitate to correct the problem, naturally it was their fault in the first instance so i insisted they fix it (in a good manner). But it seems that the job was taken care of quite quickly without too much hassle. Now I'm not going to say this will be the case for every toad alarm technician that comes to your rescue, but in my case there were no problems.


The Ai606 toad alarm comes with a anti hi jack system which has it's obvious benefits if your car was in the wrong place at the wrong time and right in the eyes of some car thief. And it seems the best time for the system to lock is when you are safe inside your car that is the most vulnerable times for the would be  attacker to strike this can be turned of as can the interior sensors as well, and to suite your specific needs it is adjustable. So it seems the Ai606 toad car alarm is quite reliable and works perfectly for the majority of car owners if fitted and installed to the proper specifications. If this is done properly than you can expect to get years of protection and security from your Ai606 toad alarm system.

There are many different toad alarm systems on the market to suit your cars needs but the best advice is advice from your local dealer as they will have expert knowledge on the best system for your needs

Installing A Car Alarm


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