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Windshield Racks and Other Auto Glass Supplies

Updated on August 8, 2016

Auto Glass Tools Overview

When training to be an auto glass technician, one needs several types of tools to properly repair cracked and damaged auto glass windshields. Not only should the professional have a place to store the windshield glass, but he must also utilize handheld tools that will remove or secure the windshield. Typically, auto glass professionals use windshield racks, suction cups, and caulking guns in auto glass replacements and repairs.

Main Auto Glass Tools

Windshield Racks

To securely store and transport windshield glass, professionals utilize windshield racks. These racks are constructed with metal rods to provide stability and durable foam to hold auto glass in place. Depending on auto shop size and windshield repair needs, auto glass technicians may use 5-lite windshield racks, 9-lite windshield racks, or even 15-lite windshield racks at their businesses.

Suction Cups

For situations that do not allow for technicians to pick up items by their edges, the suction cup is the ideal solution. With the ability to hold up to 130 lbs, a 20 lb. piece of windshield glass is no match for the vacuuming power of suction cups. Suction cups typically come with a handle, an air leakage indicator, and a quick-release tab.

Caulking Guns

Caulking guns require urethane adhesive in tube or sausage form. Technicians can select from mechanical hand caulking guns or electric caulking guns. To use these guns, the technician holds the trigger for each application of urethane.

Steps to Windshield Replacement

The windshield replacement process can be labor intensive, but being prepared can minimize time for the procedure. Here are the steps to replacing windshield glass:

1) The auto glass technician procures all required tools and products needed for the repair process. The main arsenal of items needed include a cutting utility, auto glass racks, windshield glass, suction cups, caulking guns, urethane primer, and urethane in sausage or tube form.

2) Using a utility blade or electric automotive cutting tool, the professional slices the urethane molding. He removes the damaged windshield and sets it aside.

3) After removing bits of molding and debris from the pinchweld, the technician applies urethane primer to the pinchweld with a caulking gun.

4) The technician uses the suction cup to hold the windshield glass and aligns the glass into the pinchweld.

Whether you're a new auto shop manager or a technician-in-training, this auto glass installation process paints a broader picture of the tools and steps needed for successful windshield repair.


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