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All About Toyota Racing Development

Updated on October 3, 2014

TRD, also known as Toyota Racing Development, is an in-house tuning shop for everything Toyota, Scion, and Lexus. The Toyota Racing Development improves street cars for better performance and also supports all of the racing facets of Toyota all over the world. There are various parts produced by TRD, including performance, suspension, tuning, superchargers, and wheels. These parts are available through Toyota dealerships as add-on accessories on new Toyota and Scion. High end performance parts for Lexus vehicles are labeled as F-Sport in conjunction with Lexus F-Sport models as a distinction from the F-Division of Lexus from TRD.

TRD is like other in-house tuning shops available on other car companies, like Mazdaspeed from Mazda, Nismo from Nissan, STi from Subaru, Mercedes AMG, and BMW "M" vehicles. There are two branches of TRD in the world. The first branch is in Japan and the other in the USA, both with a performance tuning division and a race division. TRD parts include sport mufflers, bolt-on headers, cat-back exhausts, and cold air intakes. The suspension marts include springs, coilovers, tower braces, sway bars, dampers and struts, and wheel upgrades as well. TRD also has top of the line braking hardware like brake lines, brake pads, and calipers.

Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner: The Chicago Auto Show debuted the 2015 Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner as the latest vehicles to get the TRD Pro treatment with tons of off-roading in mind. Buyers can be sure that all TRD Pro Series trucks are equipped with TRD tuned front springs, shift knobs, floor mats, black alloy wheels, TRD Bilstein shocks, and black alloy wheels. There is even a new color named the "Inferno" which we can guess will be quite a fiery addition. The TRD Tacoma will receive 16-inch black alloy wheels in headlock style. The 4Runner will also have TRD alloy wheels as well as TRD front springs, giving one inch of height increase. The name "TRD" will also be stamped in the front, as well as come with a premium audio system and navigation, heated front seats, automatic on/off headlights, and auto-dimming rear view mirror. Fans into the rugged off-roading lifestyle will definitely enjoy all of these TRD components and utilize everything that the add-ons have to offer.

Scion FR-S: The 2015 TRD FR-S is guaranteed to be lowered on Toyota Racing Development springs to look and perform even better than before. Since forums all over the web display a ton of lowered Scion FR-S, it's a step in the right direction to release factory lowered FR-S cars. The wheels are sleek and black, with the alloy spokes that give a startling, yet refreshing contrast against the yellow body. The TRD steering wheel is the cherry on top of this perfection as well as the T-pattern stitching. The TRD FR-S even comes with custom floor mats, Smart Key, HID Headlamps with LED daytime running lights to bump the value up.

There aren't very many manual cars on the market nowadays, but the FR-S has the option of a manual 6-speed transmission. Automatic is available, but the whole point of driving this car is to be able to shift through the gears. The TRD exhaust is also something to die for, with a throaty rumble that makes the engine way more fun and fierce.

Lexus IS-F: The TRD F-Sport comes with pretty aggressive side skirts and air inlets on the front bumper that just screams of sheer ferocity. The excitingly unique grill, luxurious sport seats and an instrument cluster inspired by LFA is an amazing combination available for Japanese consumers. The luxury sedan is getting transformed into something much sportier with enhanced suspension by way of sport springs that lower the sedan and improves on driver handling. The combination of parts definitely isn't cheap, as it totals to a whopping $12,000! This boost in dynamic performance sure is quite a killer and elevate your normal luxury sedan into uncharted territories. The smoothness in driving and handling gives way to quite an enjoyable drive at high speeds. This is not to say that one someone gets their hand on one of these rockets that they should drive erratically though. One must appreciate the performance and handling of this monster of a vehicle by testing it at a higher speed. Give the interior and exterior some great LED lights and you've got one heck of a formidable partner in crime.

For some JDM car enthusiasts, TRD is a must-have for the cars in their possession. It's no wonder that Toyota remains one of the biggest car manufacturers since the quality that is churned out of the factories is completely unprecedented.

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