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All About motorsports

Updated on December 6, 2010


Motor racing is the most diverse sports of its kind, with a huge spectrum of races depending upon the type of vehicle, course, contests, and basic nature of the race. It can be further classified on the basis of distance. The basic test, however, is of speed, endurance and control.

Motor games followers can just get sufficient of automobile racing, having distinct kinds to select one from. All of which encompass distinct kinds of vehicles with multiple directions and guidelines, that rule this specific engine sport.

Each kind of automobile racing furthermore has an exact kind of pathway that the race is held on. Some kinds of automobile racing encompass NASCAR, pull racing, endurance racing, Formula One, off street, grime racing, midget racing, changed vehicle racing as well as rally races. Fans of these games over the world are stimulated to see their much-liked drivers to come to peak races, and get victory in the end of the race.


After the construction of first successful gasoline-fueled automobile, the first race ever organized was on April 28, 1887.  It extended to 2 kilometers from Neuilly Bridge to the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. However, it is not officially considered as a race due to the fact that; he was the only competitor in the race.

The race conducted on July 22, 1894, is considered to be the world's first car race from Paris to Rouen. This Sporting event was a form of publicity stunt and circulation booster from the editor of a magazine. The main prize was for the first across the finish line in Rouen. The 50 km event with 69 cars started to confirm 25 contestants for the main race of, 127 km from Paris to Rouen. The official winners were Peugeot and Pan hard as cars with respect to fast speed, control and safety characteristics, and De Dion's steam car needed a stoker which was not allowed.

The Paris-Bordeaux-Paris Trial, in 1895, was the first real race with all competitors starting together. The winner was Pan hard Levassor 1205cc model owner. He completed the course, finishing nearly six hours before the runner-up (1,178 km or 732 miles) in 48 hours and 47 minutes.

In America, the first auto race was held in 1895 at Chicago, Illinois. The course was 54.36 mile (87.48 km) long, on which Frank Duryea stood victorious due to covering this distance in 10 hours and 23 minutes.

In 1897, France became the first regular auto racing venue, and the first drag race evolved from this course. Afterwards, the Gordon Bennett Cup in auto racing was arranged as an international competition, between nations rather than individuals. France being the venue was considered as one of the pioneer cities in the auto racing sports at Europe.

Since 1903, Milwaukee Mile exists as the earliest motor racing track in the world, which was previously a horse racing track.

Competition gradually spread to other parts of the world in 1905 by the Motor Union of Western India, which organized a race from Delhi to Mumbai having a distance of 810 miles under the supervision of Lord Curzon, the Viceroy.

Brooklands, England, a 4.43 km (3 mi) concrete track with high-speed banked corners was the first purpose built motor racing venue, opening in 1907. Brooklands seems to have been the inspiration for the Indianapolis Speedway opened in 1909.

Professional racing began in 1930s; the maximum allowed weight was 750 kg, the automobile engines were provided by 450 kW with supercharging. During 1928 – 1930, Aluminum alloys were used to minimize weight.

Not only that, today we have a wide variety of such challenges to select from and we can become a follower of the more accepted patterns of engine vehicle racing. You can select between, NASCAR, Indy Car, F1, CART, Drag Racing, Hot Rods or Rally, as well as, Motorcycle challenges and an owner of others.

International regulating authority of motorsports is the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA), which has identified Motor Sports Association (MSA) as an exclusive ruling body of motorsport for the United Kingdom (UK). MSA of the UK as a foremost ruling body is liable to rule and administer all major kinds of motorsports in the corresponding region.


One Seater Racing:

World’s largest type for single-seat open-wheeler is formula auto racing. Several F1 restrictions came into effect, in 2004, to try making it more competitive. Since 2005, it consists of 19 grand prix races around the world, on closed-off street circuits or (Monte Carlo Grand Prix), specifically designed courses.

Formula One, is an annual World Championship for drivers and constructors. The best-known among single-seater racing is Formula 1. In single-seater, the cars often have aerofoil wings, front and rear enhancing down force to the track.

F1 sport is usually arranged to follow an "international" format, a "regional" format (such as the Formula 3 Euro Series), or a "domestic", or “country-specific” format (such as the German Formula 3 championship, or the British Formula Ford).

In North America, the cars used in the National Championship are conventionally similar, though less sophisticated than F1 cars, with more limitations on technology, in order to control costs. The major international single-seater racing series is GP2 or Formula 3000 and Formula Two.

Regional series include;

·         Formula Nippon

·         Formula V6 Asia (Asia)

·         Formula Renault 3.5 /World Series by Renault

·         Formula Three

·         Formula Palmer Audi

·         Formula Atlantic

·         FIA Formula Two Championship

·         Formula Ford

·         Formula BMW

Touring Car Racing:

Touring car racing is a style of road racing comprising of sprints with production derived race cars. It often features full-contact racing due to the small speed differentials and large grids.

Major Contests

The major touring car championships conducted worldwide are:

  •  British Touring Car Championship
  •  Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM)
  •  V8 Supercars (Australia)
  •  World Touring Car Championship

Sports car racing:

Sports car racing, involves competition of sports prototype cars and GTs; grand tourers production derived versions of sports cars also called (GTs), and purpose built compete on circuits within their respective classes.

Major Contests:

The global championship series for GT car racing is the FIA GT1 World Championship. There are also the:

  •  FIA GT2 European Championship
  •  FIA GT3 European Championship
  •  GT4 European championship
  •  Japanese Super GT championship
  •  International GT opens for GT2 and GT3 cars

Sports prototypes are closed wheel, lower weight and often closed cockpit for speed and endurance racing. They have much and more down force as compared to GT cars, which makes them much faster.

The distance is at least 1,000 km, two or more drivers who switch with time. These races have several types depending upon the specification of cars.

Famous sports car races include 24 Hours of Daytona, 24 Hours of Spa, 24 Hours of Le Mans, -Franchorchamps, the 12 Hours of Sebring, and Petit Le Mans.

Production car racing:

Production car racing has restricted as compared to touring car racing and it is very economical. The most distinctive series are IMSA's Firehawk Series and Japan's Super Taikyu


Rallying at international and most national championships, in which cars compete on closed public roads or off-road areas sprints, on a point-to-point format; where participants and their co-drivers "rally" to a set of points, leaving in simultaneous intervals from beginning points.

A rally is typically conducted over a number of "special stages" of any terrain. Entrants are often allowed to explore beforehand at reduced speeds for thorough descriptions of the track; pace notes for road. These notes are later used during the race. Competition is formulated on lowest total elapsed time over the course of an event and includes penalties.

World Rally Championship WRC entails 16 rallies all over the world in different types of tracks ranging from snow to desert sand. The championship ends with winner driver and manufacturer.

  •  Monte Carlo Rally
  •  Rally Argentind
  •  Rally Finland
  •  Rally GB

British Rally Championship, Intercontinental Rally Challenge, African Rally Championship, Asia-Pacific Rally Championship and endurance rally events like the Dakar Rally.

Historical Racing:

This race is based on a specific era, allowing only cars with specifications of that era. Most important are:

  •  Goodwood Festival of Speed
  •  Goodwood Revival in Britain
  •  Monterey Historic

One-make Racing:

Often employ production-based cars from a single manufacturer or even a single model car from the same manufacturer is used for these championships. Porsche Supercup andIROC were among distinct national championships. 

Stock Car Racing:

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), arrange series of races in Continental United States, Canada and Mexico.

Series included are;

  •  Sprint Cup Series
  •  the Daytona 500
  •  Coca-Cola 600
  •  Brickyard 400 NASCAR
  •  Camping World Truck Series (a pickup truck racing series)

There are also contests of modified cars or hybrid cars of stock cars and open-wheel cars. They are heavily altered with powerful engines, large tires, tubular chassis and light bodies.

There are also other stock car governing bodies, such as Automobile Racing Club of America and United Speed Alliance Racing, while in UK; the sport is organized under Oval Racing Council (ORC) and BriSCA. Individual stadium promoters constitute both bodies. There are nearly 35 tracks in the UK and approximately 7000 active drivers.

The most famous championship is the BriSCAFormula One stock cars.

Off Road Racing:

This type of racing is carried out off roads, as the name indicates. It is usually five miles long consisting of tracks of different dimensions and formats. They are mostly organized in deserts or uneven areas other than roads.

Kart Racing:

It is one of the less costly races around the world which is quite attractive for the racers to start their carriers with. In the race, a kart has to drive speedily on tracks.

Motorbike Racing:

Motorcycle racing is another engine game relished by numerous that furthermore encompasses diverse kinds of racing. There are races for pace two wheelers, pull two wheelers, dirt two wheelers and mini bikes. Some motorcycles are raced on an oval pathway, while other ones are run down a directly slender track.

Dirt two wheeler racing is often held on dirt topped up pathways, occasionally a large arena that surrounds the drivers to cover high grounds, hair pin turns and vertical inclines. All this is made rather a stimulating scene for the engine games fans.

Truck racing:

Truck racing is furthermore a well-liked engine sport that fundamentally has four distinct categories; the Craftsman Truck Series, monster motor trucks, grime racing and off-road racing. Truck races can be held on a direct pathway, on an oval pathway, over numerous miles throughout an off-road race, or in an arena or secured off locality that comprises grime pits.

Truck drags are very stimulating to watch, as it is an engine game with numerous fans. During a motor truck drag, two motor trucks back up contrary to one another and a large-scale, heavy-duty cord is joined between the bumpers. The first motor truck to drag the other motor truck over a fixed line in the center of the pit remains the winner.

Boat racing:

Boat racing is yet another form of engine games relished by followers, as well as by those; who enlist in the very fast paced, often unsafe engine sport. Also for those, who relish vessel racing, hydroplane vessels are the watercraft; this is a sport of great excitement!

 This kind of engine games can be traced back to the early 1900's, when powerboats were evolved. Today, these specific vessels can come to races in surplus of 200 miles per hour, and every day a new person going by car is seeking to trounce the odds at shattering one of the water pace records.


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