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All-in-one gives more

Updated on February 10, 2015

He had been lucky throughout college his parents had added him to their car insurance policy, because it's too expensive for him to have the policy in his own name.

When Dave started his first job he decided to be more responsible and to renew the policy under his own name, to build up his no claims bonus. The car was twelve years old so hopefully if he researched online he would get a good deal.

Dave was confused… so many insurance companies offering different packages and prices, which option best suited him? Did he need a comprehensive or third party cover, should he protect his no claims bonus, Dave just didn't know what to do so phoned a friend for advice.

Lucky for him his friend had used a great mobile application Car Insurance UK where he got a great deal on his car insurance and told him to download it.

Dave downloaded the free app Car Insurance UK to his iPhone, completed the two minute quote form and sat back and waited for the best quotes from many major insurers in the UK. Everyone's requirements are different, whether they are a new driver, have points on their licence of have maximum no claims bonus. The intelligent car insurance application analyses the individuals quote form and calculates which insurer is best suited to the applicant, working to find them the most competitive quote.

Whilst Dave was waiting for hiscar insurance results he noticed that there were otherapps from Rainbow Group available to download, they had one for Life Insurance he thought I need that as well and downloaded it in exactly the same way. Again the app was free, quick and easy to install to his iPhone and completed the application form in no time at all….

Dave was so impressed with the quotes he received he decided to recommend Rainbow apps to his parents and friends. Not all of them had iPhones to download the Apps, but Dave explained to them that Rainbow had Apps compatible with Android and windows phones so everyone could benefit. He sent them links so they could easily download the Apps to save them wasting time searching loads of insurers and benefit from the best deals all in one place!

After choosing the best policy that suited him, Dave decided to go out with friends and celebrate his saving he had made!

If your'e like Dave and don't want to waste time looking for insurance then download now and get your free quotes today...

All apps available in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone and choose app for your needs, save time and money now!

Car Insurance UK


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