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Along for A Ride

Updated on October 26, 2013

Carpooling - Along for A Ride


Volume 2, Issue 8, May 30, 2013

Carpooling is a wonderful way of reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of driving your vehicle has on the road, by carpooling with a work buddy. It is just another way to reconnect with other members of your work team by sharing a ride to work every day.

Carpooling saves and reduces emissions by approximately 48,488 pounds of emissions per automobile or truck. The reduction alone has a huge impact on the environment and reduces the pounds of emissions released into the atmosphere.

Carpooling could also be the answer to reduce automobile costs, like repairs, gasoline, and other costs that you incur like insurance costs.

While someone takes the wheel at the time of the carpool, you could catch up on the latest news, work, trends, and other important events in your life to make life that much easier.

If you’re the driver of a carpool your cost in insurance could go up slightly but, it is better to have your passengers insured while you drive to work. Other costs could and would probably be offset with maybe a carpool stipend that each passenger pitches in; and you could make a little extra cash from each person that you share the ride with.

Another advantage to carpooling is that the freeway system gives extra benefits with a carpool lane to make your drive faster and easier with two or more people in your automobile, who are shuffled to and fro, in your car. It is the City’s way of giving you a benefit for carpooling and for thinking about the environment in which you live and work.

Carpooling is also called ride sharing, and lift sharing. Another advantage of carpooling is that there is less traffic on the road and it prevents accidents.

It also has the added benefits of improving the environment with cleaner air and reduced emissions. Carbon dioxide is the culprit of carbon emissions that are released in the air from fossil fuel consuming automobiles.

According to the Rideshare Company, on average the automobiles and trucks we drive releases ten thousand pounds of emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. (

Another way to reduce carbon emissions is to make sure that our smog device is in order and that the exhaust pipes on our automobile is up to date and in good working order. Your auto garage could check your vehicle for smog device upgrades and exhaust pipe emissions. There are exhaust pipe tips and pipe-flex tips from the automobile parts and accessories departments that you could purchase from Amazon or EBay to upgrade and keep your carbon footprint in check.

The exhaust and smog could be measured with a measurement stick that is put in the exhaust pipe to find out if your automobile is released more than it should in carbon dioxide into the air. The parts for different models and makes of automobiles for smog devices are also available if your device is too old or outdated. Just like most everything the devices also go through an upgrade transition along with other accessories you use to upgrade your automobile or truck.

In some states, like California they offer smog tips to meet federal requirements, and in some cases, auto repair or garages could assist with state smog device applications and costs offsets that are paid by the state to repair your smog devices. Check with your local repair shop or garage to find out if they could help with smog device costs paid by the state.


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