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Auto Bill of Sale, Used Car Bill of Sale Agreement Forms Essential For Auto Insurance?.

Updated on May 26, 2011

Recording Car Sale Transaction

Auto Bill of Sale Forms;acts as a receipt needed for insurance
Auto Bill of Sale Forms;acts as a receipt needed for insurance

What is an Automobile Bill of Sale Transfer Agreement Form?.

A U.S. Bill of Sale or Buying and Selling document is used to legaly record a sales transaction to prove the transfer of ownership.

In America the most popular types of assets Bought and Sold that require legal documentation are: Bill of Sale Forms for an Automobile ,Bill of Sale for Watercraft,Bill of Sale for Mobile Home ,Bill of Sale for an Animal and a Personal Bill of Sale.

Most forms require U.S. State Specific information such as:

Amount of consideration paid for the transfer of title and date of purchase.

Name and address of Seller

Name and address of Buyer

Specific information about the asset being transfered from the seller to the buyer.

Guarantee from the seller that the item is free from all claims and offsets.

Any representations or warranties

Signature of the seller(s)

Signature of a notary public.

Most Legal Form Suppliers have a toll-free Help Line and Completion Services at a modest extra cost; this ensures the documents have been correctly executed. And some also claim to be able to design forms for any situation and product; creating hundreds of Product Related Bill of Sale Forms that even includes Farm Machinery and Lawn Mowers.

What do Auto Bill of Sale Document include and how much do they usually cost?.

The Bill of Sale of Automobile should contain the following information:

  1. The make/model of the car, VIN number and other information.
  2. The Seller to guarantee that the property is his/her own and is free of all claims and offsets of any kind.
  3. The form could also contains the Odometer Disclosure Statement required by Federal Law and State Law, where applicable, which must be signed in the presence of a notary public.
  4. Typical price range $15.00-$30.00.

U.S. States

 All Business Documents and Legal Forms are available for every state in the US including the District of Columbia DC
Alabama AL  Indiana IN  Nebraska NE South Carolina SC
Alaska AK  Iowa IA  Nevada NV South Dakota SD
Arizona AZ  Kansas KS  New Hampshire NH Tennessee TN
Arkansas AR  Kentucky KY  New Jersey NJ Texas TX
California CA  Maine ME  New Mexico NM Utah UT
Colorado CO  Louisiana LA  New York NY Vermont VT
Connecticut CT  Maryland MD  North Carolina NC Virginia VA
Delaware DE  Massachusetts MA  North Dakota ND Washington WA
Florida FL  Michigan MI Ohio OH West Virginia WV
Georgia GA  Minnesota MN Oklahoma OK Wisconsin WI
Hawaii HI  Mississippi MS  Oregon OR Wyoming WY
Idaho ID  Missouri MO Pennsylvania PA  
Illinois IL  Montana MT  Rhode Island RI  


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