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Amish Push Scooters | Kick Bicycles

Updated on August 23, 2013
Amish Push Scooters come in three different sizes.
Amish Push Scooters come in three different sizes.

Amish Push Scooters are fun and easy to ride. They are even practical with a front basket, you can go shopping and get a good core exercise at the same time.

You may have read about them or seen them on a television documentary on the Amish way of life.

You may have actually seen them or rented one when touring the Amish countryside. For those who have been looking to actually purchase one they are a bit hard to find.

Online forums such as are buzzing about the growing popularity of kick scooters.

Amish children and adults use these cute scooters for day to day transportation needs.

Whether if the Amish are off to school, work, or shopping, these push scooters can cover the distance in about a 3rd of the time as walking.

Push scooters were first developed and used in France and then spread in popularity in the European countries.

They have been manufactured in the Pennsylvania Amish country in a small Amish country shop since 1978. They are now sought after by other individuals looking for a fun way to exercise.

Many who have visited the Pennsylvania Amish have seen these on the roads and streets, and have even been able to rent and ride them at some of the tourist stops along the way.

Their popularity is being driven both by both the cute looks and wide variety of colors, where people just have to have one.

However, when the rubber really hits the road many are falling in love with how easy they are to ride, a much easier mount and ride than a normal bicycle.

They also provide a great low impact calorie burning workout. The low center to gravity also provides core balance strengthening.

Push scooters are perfect for a family outing or exercise on approved bike paths and courses. Some city commuters are finding them quicker and easier to use instead of walking to work.

Having no seat to crawl up on people are able to scoot along in regular business attire, with a change of shoes when they arrive at work, which many do anyway when walking.

Amish push scooters can be purchased online at Cottage Craft Works .com

Scooters come in a variety of colors and three different sizes. They also come standard with aluminum wheels, 85 PSI tires, a kick stand, and a front handle bar basket.


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