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Car Antenna Toppers

Updated on June 18, 2012

One Simple Idea

Antenna balls have stood the test of time as a decorative item and as an advertising tool. Antenna balls can make an individual statement and show the personality of the owner, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and shapes and can even be custom made to order.

The first car antenna balls were made to advertise the Union 76 Gas Station during the year 1967. Just like window stickers and fuzzy dice, antenna toppers are a way to make a statement about your personality and preferences.

Antennas balls are found at auto parts stores, novelty shops, and online. Antenna balls are decorative items that express your style and personality in a wide range of sizes, material choices, and can change with the seasons.

Advertise Your Business

Promotional antenna balls are a great way to advertise your business or event. Many people are willing to display a free antenna ball that is stylish, colorful, or just plain funny. It gives people a break from the usual promotion materials like fliers, banners, and streamers.

When comparing the cost of all of the usual promotional items, you may be surprised to find that antenna balls may even save you money, especially if you have a simple idea that you can create yourself, buying in bulk can make toppers more efficient when it comes to promotional tools, and they may not wind up nearest trashcan liked a wadded flier.

Support Your Favorite Team or Sport

Whether you are a spectator, fan, or participant in a particular sport, they make an antenna toppers for almost every type of sport you can think of. This is a simple way to show support for your favorite sports venue.

Some sports that you can find antenna toppers available in include: Superbowl Balls, Probowl Toppers, NFL Team toppers, Playoff Balls, MLB Toppers, World Series Balls, General Sports, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Surfer, Skateboard, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR Toppers, and Dale Earnhardt.


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