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Antenna Topper - Where to Find Funny and Unique Car Antenna Toppers Like Disney Mickey Toppers and More!

Updated on September 8, 2011

Antenna Topper - Huge Variety of Fun and Unique Antenna Toppers

Nothing can add personality to your car as well as bring smiles to others faces than a funny or unique antenna topper attached to your car's antenna.

There is, of coarse, the added benefit of being able to easily identify you car in any parking lot as well.

These antenna toppers come in all sorts of fun designs. Some of the most popular antenna toppers or antenna balls are the Mickey Mouse toppers or the Disney toppers - but there are many others to choose from as well.

Read on to see all the unique designs out there, pictures, how much they cost and where to find them.

Antenna Topper - Funny and Unique Antenna Toppers

There are some really funny and unique antenna toppers that will get your car noticed not only by you in a parking lot, but by others as well.

Most of these toppers can also be used as pencil toppers or as a computer/dashboard toy when you add a spring stand.

Some options include;

  • Flaming Eyeball
  • Coffee Cup To Go
  • Set of 4 M&M Antenna Toppers
  • Smiley Biker
  • Garfield Antenna Ball
  • Odi Antenna Topper
  • American Flag Topper
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

  • Flying Pig Antenna Topper
  • Bumble Bee Antenna Topper
  • Ladybug Antenna Topper
  • Flower Topper
  • Liquid Butterfly
  • Choice of 2 Cacti
  • Glow in the Dark Duck
  • Ying Yang Antenna Topper
  • Butterfly Silhouette

Antenna Topper - Mickey Antenna Toppers, Mickey Mouse Antenna Balls

One of the most popular antenna toppers or antenna balls are the ones that feature Mickey Mouse.

Due to their popularity, there are many different versions for you to choose from.

Here are just some of the Mickey Mouse Toppers that are available:

Original Disneyland Mickey Mouse, Mickey Sorcerer, Mickey Father's Day, Mickey Football Helmet, Flying Mickey Mouse Antenna ball, Jack Sparrow, Minnie Mouse Antenna Ball, Princess Mickey Ball, Just Married Antenna Ball, Stars and Stripes, Mickey as the Sun, Mickey Golf Ball Antenna Topper, Cinco De Mayo and more!

Antenna Topper - Disney Antenna Toppers and Disney Antenna Balls

Disney did not stop at Mickey when it came to creative antenna toppers.

They have other characters that will look great on your antenna, pencil, desk, computer or dashboard as well.

Other Disney antenna toppers include:

Tinkerbell, Indiana Jones Hat, Goody Face or Goofy Hat, Nemo, Princess Castle, Kermit the Frog or Animal from the Muppets, Jack Skellington or his dog from Nightmare Before Christmas, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream, Grumpy, Cinderella's Castle and more!

Antenna Toppers - Traffic Stopper Antenna Toppers

Traffic Stopper has come out with a bunch of fun antenna toppers that mostly feature people figures just "hanging around".

C'mor Butts is one of their biggest sellers, but Weiner Boy and Sexy Suzie Dancer will sure to get others motorists attention as well.

The hang loose hands are also popular sellers.

Antenna Toppers - Cool Balls Antenna Balls and Toppers

Someone over at Cool Balls has a sense of humor, and I don't just mean the name of their company.

They have come out with a bunch of funny antenna toppers and antenna balls that are sure to make you and others laugh.

All of these "cool" antenna balls come with a small pair of sunglasses and match all sorts of occupations to make them more personal to whatever your career.

Antenna Toppers - Famous Characters

For those of you with favorite cartoon characters, there are tons of choices when it comes to antenna toppers as well.

Betty Boop, M&M's, SImpsons characters, Super Heroes, Hello Kitty, Family Guy Characters, Speed Racer and other popular characters all come in antenna toppers or antenna balls.

See below for more details on each.


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