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Apple hired the former vice president as head of Project Tesla cars

Updated on April 21, 2016

Apple is said to have hired back former Vice President of the electric car maker Tesla is Chris Porritt to about working for a secret project involving electric vehicles bearing the name Project Titan. Apple never once confirmed the development of its own electric car prototype but many rumors on the sidelines from the car industry as well as the they hire back former employees of the car maker was somewhat give us the original information.

Chris Porritt served as Vice President of engineering vehicle (vehicle engineering) of Tesla before being hired, according to Apple website Electrek. When about to Apple, who are responsible for the highest will Project Titan, positions which had previously belonged to Steve Zadesky. This is not the first time we heard about a car engineer about making Apple, before that they had to hire more engineers in the field of robotics, the battery to do for this project. Most recently, it was reported that Apple's car was developed in Germany and assembled in Austria.

Chris Porritt worked in Land Rover then Chief Engineer of Aston Martin, responsible for the development of its popular models such as the One-77, Zagato V12 or DB9. When in Tesla, Chris Porritt was said to be in charge of developing both the Model S prototype and Model X.


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