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Problem of Aquaplaning

Updated on March 31, 2011


The hydroplaning (skidding on the water ") is a phenomenon of buoyancy of a moving vehicle on a layer of water spread over a road

Definition and consequences

More specifically occurs when water, usually rainwater source, between the wheels and the road surface is in such quantity as not to allow more contact of these two surfaces. No longer in contact with the wheel and road, there is more friction between the two surfaces, then you are no longer able to slow down or change direction to the vehicle which is only subject to the rules of physics, while maintaining the momentum and direction who at the time of initiation aquaplaning. The aquaplaning may be partial, when it involves some of the wheels of a vehicle, causing problems especially when cornering understeer or oversteer.


Causes and solutions

The hydroplaning phenomenon is caused by several factors:

-from excessive vehicle speed

-the proportion between the mass and surface adhesion of the same

-from the layer of water on the road

-conditions of wear and type of used tires

-Efficiency of suspension

The remedies are:

-reducing speeds in the rain or wet

-adequate tires, with special grooves on the tread specially designed to drain, pressing it, the more water you will find between the wheel and the asphalt.

-asphalt "draining", lining the road to prevent it from forming in areas where water stagnates

A solution used in the aeronautical world, is to calculate the speed of `early phenomenon of aquaplaning (is an empirical formula but works). You must multiply the number 9 (fixed number) by the square root of PSI. The result in kts (knots), not in km / h. Example: my tires are inflated to 100 psi. I'll have to calculate the square root of 100, in this case 10 and multiply by the number fixed ninth. At 90 kts. So at 90 mph, about 167 km / h, the aircraft will begin my `to" float ". Note that this is an empirical formula which lack many factors, such as mass, condition of tires, etc.. etc.. When the amount of water is excessive or when the excessive tire wear has reduced the ability to download via the water below or the tire is particularly large footprint as compared to the mass of the vehicle, is narrowing the holding of road, a problem that is aquaplaning danger to road safety.



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      Rhonda Musch 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      This was and interesting hub.

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