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Oil Skimmers A Must for Aqueous Part Washers

Updated on August 12, 2011
Figure 2. Oil Skimmer With Timer
Figure 2. Oil Skimmer With Timer
Figure 3. Coalessor
Figure 3. Coalessor

Removal of oils from the solution

If you need to remove oils and greases in large quantities, the washer needs to have some type of removal device. Daily oil removal with disk or belt style skimmers is the standard with a moderate amount of oil in the solution (see Figure 1). Ideally, a timer can be used to operate skimmers after the washer has not run for several hours. This is preferably after 6 to 8 hours. This allows the oil to be released from the solution and float to the surface to be removed.

When lager volumes of oil enter the washer solution, a coalescer may be necessary. This is a separate unit which pumps the solution from the wash tank at a rate of 2 to 10 gallons per minute. Coalescers can remove large amounts of oil from solution as they also provide additional filtration media. The washer detergent you use also plays a role in the oil removal (see Figure 2). Choosing the right detergent (one that demulsifies) will allow the oils to separate and be skimmed. We can help you make the right decision for your parts washing. From choosing the right system (cost, convenience, maintanance and working life), to choosing the best detergent for your aqueous part washing, please contact us at our website for any additional help or to order.


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