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Mercedes Cars with Invisibility Cloaks in our near Future?

Updated on March 29, 2012
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Can you see it?


Are Cars with Invisibility Cloaks in our near Future?

We have come a long way in the car making department worldwide, from cranking to charging. However, what if the feature to "cloak" your car and make in invisible was possible? Well thanks to Mercedes, this technology may be just around the corner, but at a steep price.

Wait, What,How?

Remember in movies such as James Bond who has an invisibility cloak feature on his car in "Die Another Day", or like in Harry Potter when he uses the cloak to sneak around. Same difference only it's more technical and more expensive.

Mercedes has been working on the technology for this feature over in Germany. They made a B-Class hatchback, well, turn invisible from a distance. However if this comes as a standard or add-on feature, it's not going to be cheap. It cost Mercedes-Benz $263,000 in flexible LED mats, and dozens of technicians to bring the idea to life, and it's only one side of the car!

To bring this invisibility cloak to life Mercedes had to cover the car (in this case, half of it) with flexible LEDs. Then on the other side they have hooked up a camera that records the cars surroundings, re-formats it to the correct aspects of the LEDs, which in turn makes you invisible from a distance.

However, LEDs and man power were not the only things required, Mercedes also had to install roughly 1,100 lbs of equipment including power sources, computers, and more. With all that extra weight the question is, how fast will it go?

Who would benefit from a feature like this?

Ok now that we have covered what the feature is and how it works (at least at this stage), the question is who would benefit from having an invisibility cloak feature in the car? As much as you would love the feature on your car, reality is if the feature becomes available it probably will not be publicly available.

Can you imagine if the feature was available to the general public? You would have criminals using it to rob banks and getting away. Idiots might try driving through traffic with it on which could cause wrecks, and could you imagine walking down a path not knowing there's a truck parked there and as you walk by someone opens a door and snatches you, looks like you went into a portal...

Those who would benefit from this feature include:

  • Police Officers, they could use this feature while sitting on the side of the road to catch speeders, if the whole car was invisible they could use it to sneak up to a robbery, and so on.
  • Detectives: They could use it to stake out suspects without the worry of being seen. With a little tweaking there could be "skins" that come programmed into the feature (kind of like adjusting color on a TV) so they could change the color of their car on the go, making it easier to follow suspects.
  • Private Investigators: Pretty much the same as the detectives, they could use it to stake out suspects or follow them given the feature is tweaked to be able to change colors as well.

Questions for Readers:

  1. What do you think about an "invisibility cloak" for cars being in the makings?
  2. Do you think this is a feature should be for the general public?
  3. How much would you pay for this extra feature if it became available to the general public?


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