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Updated on July 22, 2015

The title itself is interesting for many, isn't it. All mechanical related students, crazy car lovers and mostly every one loves to have a ride on a brand luxury car and one of the most favorite for many is AUDI....

Its my favorite one and I have a dream to ride a brand new luxury Audi on Indian roads. Sound seems silly but I wanna do it one day. Its on my pocket of wish lists.

So for what this post is? Just to bore all the readers?

No. I have some interesting stuffs to share with you all regarding Audi. I have collected information regarding Audi and this post is to summarize all at a single bag.


AUDI - The name credit goes to Franz's(Buisness friend of Horch) son ..

The combination of four companies Dampf Kraft-Wagon (DKW), Horch , Wanderer and Audi. This rooted the Auto Union. The four rings on logo represent these four companies

Audi - Latin word meaning "to Listen"

The basic root of Audi started at USA but now the whole tree is with Germany. The Audi has more than 11 production facilities in 9 countries. They are usually Luxury car producers.

Few more things regarding AUDI

Owner Volkswagen Group
Slogan Vorsprung Durch Technik (Advancement through Technology). But Audi USA has changed it into "Truth in Engineering" since 2007
Founder August Horch

Website :

My favorite car is Audi R8. What about your's. Tell me in comments.

Happy reading....


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