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Auto Autobahn in U.S.A.?

Updated on November 17, 2013

Let me be clear. I have studied technology since I was a child and have even gone to school for it. In a holistic sense one must be old enough to understand the metaphor of how cell phones where once bulky then small but still expensive. Normal consumerism didn't really start growing for such personal devices until the last 1990s. Yet, that is exactly the situation we are all in today, it may be fear of being left behind or something new and not safe, or maybe it's just that it will change out lives most likely for the rest of our lives

Mercedes Benz show off its FULL and I mean full self driving car in I believe early Q3 of 2013. Quick as a knife Tesla Motors, an electric company which paid its government loan back 8 years early, screamed life a Psychopath 2016. More skeptics on Lucy Luis freckles on this one. Given that the Tesla Model S is no more than a benchmark of whats to come it has remained in few enlightened eyes more important than when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod.

The model S is capable of not only capable of a 265 mi range, a quick 0-60 time and a swap for a fully charged battery in less than half the time as filling another luxury car it is a symbol. A symbol for true change. Although we may not see the next Tesla till the unveiling of an EVEN more astonishing machine. Rest assured I have faith in Tesla and America. But that's not what worries me.

What worries me most is ill informed or an ignorant politician or consumer who would try to close this fairy tale or sit on their hands and wait for the opportunity to not only save the earth but never have to worry about insurance or registration ever again.

I am no engineer but I am a firm believer that much like the electric train a simple connection to an electric car can keep it going non-stop. And the speed is as limitless as the sky when it comes to every car having complete autonomy.

But it can not be country against country because I know the steadfast rise of Tesla will mean it wouldn't have to but what to share its technologies. Because the T also stands for Trust; of a bright, beautiful and safe future.


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