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Auto-Body Shop Experience

Updated on September 2, 2010

Auto-Body repair

Car owners nowadays, consider giving up their automobile for any kind of repair similar to a root canal. They have seen and heard the many stories that have been told about auto-body shop and the auto repair shops deficiency and lack of integrity that whenever its their turn to sit and wait, sometimes for months, that they submit their automobilesĀ  knowing the tyranny that maybe awaiting them.

It has been aired by radio and television alike and shown by hidden camera how auto establishments have taken women and men for unnecessary costly repairs that have made deep holes into their pockets.

At times these poor customers have had to give up their autos because of the financial strain that has been left on their families budget while the "fixers" laugh all the way to their next prey.

In these times of hardship, instead of helping each other to build a new America, men and women lending each other a hand so that we all should prosper, we find instead thieves raking the ignorant over hot coal and so you ask yourself, were are the businesses of integrity?

I was relieved this Monday when I picked up my car from Midway Auto Body in Chicago.

From the very start the experience offered to be promising and while I did have my doubts because of what I had heard about other businesses of this kind, yet this turned out to be a refreshing experience.

One of their employees, and I will call him John, was a very understanding young man. John has a heart for the common man and a passion for his work. I listened to his conversations with customers as he converse by telephone with understanding and consideration of their ordeal.

John understood that applying the application of grace in the customers time of adversity was akin to pouring oil upon a wound and this he did with remarkable adequacy.

I felt honored to be in the presence of this remarkable man while he did his job with the excellence of a skilled artist.

AsĀ  left the shop at 54th and Central, opposite Mid-Way Airport, I once again have regained hope, that there are still Auto body shops and auto repair establishment with employees similar to John that have decided to hold up the standard and pave the way for the new America.

God bless you John!


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      Simpson Spring 7 years ago

      Many dented and wrecked vehicles come into auto body shops at a fast pace during the winter months when snow and ice make driving hazardous. Even when the streets aren't slick, these shops are often busy since people make mistakes while driving and cause accidents.