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Automobiles Maintenance & Driving Green

Updated on May 25, 2013

Driving Green/Maintenance


Automobiles Maintenance & Driving Green

Automobile Maintenance & Green Energy

Volume 2, Issue 6, May 25, 2013

When we think of green energy and maintaining our automobiles we normally think of solar or electric vehicles but, that is not all there is to it. So what exactly is it I mean in automotive green energy and maintenance; it means maintaining our fossil fuel guzzling automobiles so we could reduce carbon emissions.

So what types of problems cause more carbon emissions to filter in the atmosphere? When we pack our trunks or our rear ends of our automobiles or trucks with items, it causes a drag on the automobile and this causes increased carbon emissions because it is working its way mechanically, in extraordinary circumstances. It is not functioning as it normally should, and therefore causes more carbon emissions to filter into the atmosphere than it would at a normal functioning level.

What other types of maintaining can an automobile or truck owner that has a fossil fuel automobile utilize to reduce the carbon emissions? Other remedies include engine and gas cleaners that you can purchase online from EBay or Amazon that cleans out the waste that your gas or engine collects. Water and waste collect at runoffs at the local gas tanks at your local gas stations, is no exception of waste runoff. The runoff gathers dirt, trash, and debris along with water and gets into your gas and engine. A good running engine and clean gas line in your automobile is imperative to it being driven at an optimal level.

There are other ways of maintaining your automobile when it comes to checking the tires and gauges so that they are running properly. What is the proper level for a tire? It depends on the automobile and type of tires used for the automobile. It simply means that the pressure in the tires must be at a set level in order to function properly and not deflate when you are driving. The tire pressure gauge is a tool to find out what the pressure is and is like a stick that plugs into the tire air filler on the side of the whitewall or sidewall of the tire; it then pulls out to give you a reading of the pressure in the tire. Check your owner’s manual on what is the proper tire and pressure of the tire. The tire pressure could also affect the carbon emissions of a vehicle if it is not properly inflated also.

When changing your oil at home ensure you have the proper waste container for the oil waste or other changed fluids. It makes a difference in the contaminants that may find its way into runoff drains on land, into sea water, and will eventually impact our air, and our vital life source Oxygen when chemicals mix.

Included in the maintenance of your automobile is Anti-freeze or coolant for the weather conditions experienced in the environment. Did you know there are different coolants and anti-freeze for different shifts in weather? It is true and you should select the proper coolant/anti-freeze for the weather condition. Water in the radiator is especially crucial to your maintenance of your automobile, because a engine could burn out and the radiator could too, if it has no water.

Women especially must pay attention to the different circumstances and have emergency kits to maintain safety in case of emergency. Men can also invest in automobile safety kits. Women are notorious risk takers in automobile maintenance. Aren't we ladies!

A quick check weekly on maintenance on your automobile or truck could prevent repairs or even accidents. It only takes a few seconds to check your oil, water, batteries, and lights. Keeping your fossil fuel guzzler in peak condition will reduce carbon emissions and impact your personal carbon footprint on the environment. Drive Green!


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