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Automotive nightmares

Updated on November 21, 2010

Automotive nightmares!

A hundred dollar problem ,that could have been fixed with a simple check!.

I recently had an interesting automotive problem having to do with my car battery.

My car wouldn't start. I didn't know it at the time but what should have been an easy fix turned out to be an automotive nightmare.

I did what most people do,I called my towing service for a jump or a tow somewhere to have my car fixed.

I've done this more than once.In fact it happened a number of times.

I relied on my car like most people do to get me to work and back.and

I ended up having to get a ride to work at least three times and I had to wait for the bus for an hour early in the morning in order to get back home at 3am seeing as a taxi would have cost me 40 dollars to ride back home which is about twenty miles away as opposed to about two dollars for the bus.There was no contest! I wasn't going to pay 40 dollars for a taxi ,so I suffered in the cold for an hour and waited for the bus,which by the way I wasn't sure was coming seeing as it was so early in the morning.

After three days,of this and having my mechanic tell me that my battery was faulty and that it had propbably had an intermittent internal short circuit,and taking my car to three different automotive parts stores to have the battery checked ,all of which declared that the battery was in good condition after putting it through electrical testing with a portable test unit that could tell you if the battery was bad or wasn't getting charged by the alternator etc... I ending up finding the problem on my own ,while in the process of removing the battery terminals from the battery posts in order to bring it into an auto parts store to replace with a new battery.

After a lengthy questioning of the autoparts store employees at all three autoparts stores none of them could give me an answer that was satisfactory.These were three different auto parts store companies.See,they don't have the employees or the time to help their customers with simple things like wheather your battery terminals are dirty or not.If,you naively think you need a new battery,all the better for them.They make a sale wheather you really need a battery or not.Plus when you exchange a good battery ,they can always sell it to a business that reconditions and resells batteries or do it themselves at another location and resell it as a reconditioned battery.

I don't know that to be the case ,but it's possible.

It ,turns out that the problem was grease in between one of the battery posts and the battery terminal at the end of the cables that go to the starter.The grease acts as a resistor preventing the full current from the battery from getting to the starter.

However during my search for the answer to my automotive nightmare I bought a booster.You know the portable battery that you use to jumpstart your car battery! It,turned out that even with grease between the battery post and battery terminal a booster was able to give the starter enough current along with my battery to start my car.

The problem with thjis particular booster was If, you have to leave it in your car in freeezing weather then you would not be able to use it and the 90 day warrenty from the booster manufactuer is void.However I understand that some boosters as well as batteries made today use a gel as the electrolyte rather than a liquid water and acid mixture.The gel electrolyte keeps it from freezing

So,in conclusion if you have trouble startiung your car or truck remember that you read this hub and the problem just might be the simplest and cheapest. check your battery terminals!

I paid ten dollars for a battery terminal cleaning kit which solved my battery problem.


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    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 7 years ago from New York

      Great advice here and very good to know. I just learned something I did not know about modern batteries. Thank you for the information. Great hub.