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Automotive Safety

Updated on March 21, 2011

Automotive Safety

The automotive safety devices are divided into active and passive safety systems and many of them are now required by law, therefore provided as standard when purchasing a car.

The factor that contributed to the dissemination of the study and implementation of security systems is increasing the number of fatalities in road accidents, high in the world. Since the early progress in the automotive field with substantial improvements have taken place concerning the brake systems is the study of past frames and bodies crumple to crash, accident simulation testing increasingly sophisticated.

The conclusions of these studies were also gradually implemented by the legislative bodies that have adopted the compulsory nature of the most important safety systems. In Italy, for several years, is required to assembly and use of safety belts and the last device to be considered imperative was the ABS.


In addition to the safety of adult occupants of a vehicle, particularly important are also devices that can be used for child restraint, such as child seats in conjunction with safety belts or even better, the special car seat anchored directly through specific points of attachment, defined by international standards ISOfix

The devices can be:

Active, involved in order to reduce the chance of encountering an adverse event

ABS device that prevents the wheels from locking

ESP electronic stability control devices dynamics, which also improves the functionality of the ABS

TCS, reduces wheelspin and improves stability

Passives are protections that reduce the physical consequences of injury

Frame chassis with its different areas of compressibility is able to absorb some of impact

Safety belts tool that allows you to avoid the ejection of the body out of the cockpit or the collision with the steering wheel and other parts of the car

Air bag system that aids the task of seat belts

Seats held devices used for children, where conventional devices for adults as well as being ineffective may be deleterious

Some devices have resulted in a different way of dealing with driving a vehicle in a car equipped with ABS for example, you can also stop a background in critical condition since the system itself that provides to prevent the wheels from locking. The Hard braking was instead to be avoided in the past, especially in terms of wet asphalt or otherwise slippery surfaces.

It is becoming increasingly widespread use of new vehicles to submit evidence of crash tests conducted by independent, supranational, such as in Europe by EuroNCAP, to objectively assess the degree of protection offered by modern cars. However, in many cases, the objective of obtaining the highest marks in the EuroNCAP tests established designers deviate from the study of other security structures are not subject to tests performed by that institution.

Often the presence of these accessories is a form of added value on which the automakers also link the various advertising campaigns.


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    • profile image

      seventelltd 6 years ago

      I have never been a fan of ABS. Since I first experienced it, I felt I had no control of how I stopped in an emergency. I appreciate it does what the driver should when trying to engineer an abrupt stop, I personally found the juddering quite alarming and as a driver of 30+ years, prefer to be incharge of my own decisions when trying to stop! It's certainly a great thing that manufacturers should provide crash test information in order for people to chose a vehicle that suits their safety requirements, I can remember when I first started driving, it was a clear cut decision. If you wanted safety, you bought a Volvo! Great hub!

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Life saving ideas. Great hub. GBY.