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Aviation fuel trailer – A perfect complement to a small aircraft

Updated on December 13, 2013
Pro 110 Industrial Gas trailer with a fuel transfer system.
Pro 110 Industrial Gas trailer with a fuel transfer system.

When you fly, you need fuel

Flying for most people isn't just a hobby, but a passion that runs deep. So to be kept from that passion by having to wait for the fuel company to come around to fuel up your plane can be tremendously frustrating, especially when you might only have a few hours to get in some seat time.

The thing is, there is a way to avoid having to wait for fuel and that is with an aviation fuel trailer.

Split Tank Gas Trailer
Split Tank Gas Trailer

Gas trailer, a good compliment to an aircraft

An aviation fuel tank trailer is actually a perfect complement to any small aircraft due to the fact that it gives you immediate access to fuel whenever your airplane requires refueling. By owning one, you actually have a scaled down version of a regular gas station pump system. How is this possible, well, it's because of the way one is designed. One will come with a fuel tank, fuel pump, and all the other fixtures and equipment, such as a gas nozzle and hoses, needed to pump fuel.

However, the key difference between a gas station pump and a gas tank trailer is that the gas tank trailer is portable and can be taken anywhere. One comes equipped with a trailer set-up, with a sturdy axel, wheels, and lights. Therefore, you can bring it to a gas station, fill it up, and then bring it back to the airport hanger where your plane is located to get it fueled up and ready for take off. This is nice because then you don't have to wait for someone to bring you fuel, something that can be a hassle.

Another fuel trailer selection.
Another fuel trailer selection.

Gas trailer options for aviation use

Not all gas trailers are able to be used in an aviation setting. Two selections on the market offered by Gas Trailer that are, are the Pro110 Industrial model and the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model.

They are equipped with an aviation rated fuel pump designed to be specifically used in an aviation setting.

Specifications of the aviation rated fuel pump include:

  • GPI 25 GPM 12v
  • Designed for use with aviation gasoline (AVGas 100LL or kerosene grade (Jet A)
  • UL Listed
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Also works with gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel, and kerosene

The main difference between the two models is that one is equipped with a fuel transfer system and one is not. Now, the benefit to having a fuel trailer with a fuel transfer system is how it allows you to easily transport fuel from point A to point B without you having to siphon it yourself. It takes care of that process for you. In an aviation setting, a fuel transfer is a definite bonus due to the fact that when you can transfer fuel from one airplane to another without that much effort.

Gas trailers are versatile

The nice thing about the Pro 110 Industrial and the Pro 110 Industrial models is they are very, very versatile. In addition to being a good choice for using in aviation settings, they are also a solid option for using in other settings where fuel is needed too.

For example, you could bring one to a construction site to fuel up equipment, take one to a boat marina to fuel up yachts, and it could even be used in disaster situations as well.

In addition, other scenarios where one would work well consist of:

  • At a farm whether it be a hobby farm or an industrial operation.
  • Out on the road when you're traveling.
  • At a cottage or remote campsite to fuel up all terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, or gators.
  • In the pit at a race track so you can concentrate on racing instead of having to go get gas.
  • At a logging site where fuel might not be readily available.
  • And really, this list can go on and on due to the fact that fuel trailers can be useful in any scenario where fuel is required.

To find a gas trailer, shop online

If you're interested in purchasing a fuel trailer, the first step to take to look into all the options is to go online and do some research. It's fast, effective, and you'll be able to see everything that's out there without having to leave the comfort of your computer chair to do so.


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