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10 Surefire Ways To Prevent Your Car From Getting Broken Into.

Updated on August 22, 2013

Car Break In Statistics

According to Nationwide Insurance, each year approximately $1.26 billion (that's right, billion.. not million) in personal items are stolen from vehicles, from about $1.85 million thefts. That's an average of about $681 per theft. Items stolen range from a pair of sunglasses or cd's, up to laptops, iPods, etc.. Most thefts happen when least expected too. As people, we become very complacent while just running into the convenient store for that cup of coffee or snack. The problem is, thieves know the best places to find unlocked cars, and unsuspecting victims. Even breaking a window, grabbing some valuables and running only takes a few seconds. Continue reading for the simple tips to help keep your valuables protected.

Thief breaking car window

Don't let this be your car!

Tips for theft prevention

Tip #1

The first tip is the most obvious, but still needs to be mentioned. No matter how little time you will be away from your car for.. LOCK your car! Almost a quarter of thefts happen from unlocked vehicles. That's 25 percent more than should happen.

Tip #2

The second tip is just as obvious, yet one most people are guilty of. Don't leave any valuables in sight. It's a fact that most crimes in general, are crimes of opportunity. For the most part, people try to break into peoples property when there is reason to believe they will be rewarded for their risk. It's as simple as hiding your belongings when leaving your car in public.

Tip #3

The third tip goes along with tip number 2, but is probably the most overlooked one. Put your accessories away! It doesn't do much good to hide your GPS, or iPod, if you leave the charger plugged in, or the wire going into the glove box. Most thieves are experts at what they do, and know all the tell-tale signs to look for.

Tip #4

Set your alarm! Don't have an alarm? If you have expensive valuables in your car, you should probably invest in one. Alarms systems these days are cheap, and can be quickly installed for a lower cost than replacing stolen goods.

Tip #5

Park in well lit areas, and not in between two vehicles bigger than yours. Once again, if you put your vehicle in a secluded area, it makes it an easy target and provides great cover for a suspecting thief.

Tip #6

Don't store a spare key on your car. We all know is sucks to get locked out of your car if you lose a key, but its better to at least have a car to come back to. If you need to leave a spare somewhere, leave it at home, or with someone that you can trust and be able to call if needed. Don't ever leave it somewhere in, or under your vehicle thinking a thief will never find it.

Tip #7

When storing valuables in a trunk, or glove box, do it before you get to your location. If a thief knows your trunk is stuffed full of goodies, it takes less than 30 seconds after you leave to smash your window, pull the trunk release, and run.

Tip #8

Common sense and instincts prevail, and prevention is the best key. If something seems wrong, or you see someone suspicious in a parking lot. Don't leave your vehicle there. Also, notify security and/or the police immediately.

Following these simple tips should help keep you from having your valuables or entire car from being stolen. Ultimately, if somebody really wants it, theres nothing you can do. But don't make it easy for thieves!

Guilty Poll

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Tip from the auto glass industry

When speaking to an owner of an auto glass shop in San Diego, Daniel, he gave me some good tips to pass on for this hub. If one of your power windows is broken, DO NOT touch the switches. When windows are broken, glass falls down into the door and can become lodged in the motor and window regulator. Usually, if left alone and brought to a professional auto glass shop, the only thing that will need to be replaced is the glass itself. If you are hitting the buttons and glass does happen to be stuck, the regulator and motor can easily become damaged and need replacing. Keep safe, and stay smart!

I hope you have all found these tips useful, and if you have a second, please answer the poll to the right! Thanks!


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      Steve 3 years ago

      That list is comprised of only 8 "surefire" ways.