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2018 BMW X2: A Sportier Looking SUV

Updated on May 19, 2017
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2018 BMW X2: Introduction

A compact SUV called 2018 BMW X2 is part of BMW company’s aggressive plan of launching new forty updated or new models across their product lineups. The company wanted to make sure that no niche would remain unfilled over the next two years. Because of the persistent rumors, the 2018 BMW X2 started to take its shape even before its actual market launch in 2018. The new model will arrive alongside with the company’s redesigned models of X3 and X5, together with the latest X7. There are also some rumors that its convertible version might also be released. X2 is a more stylish sibling of X1. Its rivals include Range Rover Evoque, Infiniti QX30, Audi Q3, and Mercedes-Benz GLA-class. This concept car first appeared during the 2016 Paris Auto Show. The model showed the combination of the high-end features and design of typical BMW and the athleticism of the luxury vehicle. In fact, X2 allows the motorist to experience the off-road adventure or simply driving for leisure. This SUV is created for performance and style.

2018 BMW X2: Exterior and Interior

The exterior of 2018 BMW X2 looks like a redefined version of BMW X1. On the other hand, it is sportier and less practical because the designers placed more emphasis on the style and not in terms of practicality. It has a coupe-like profile. The windows are short, and it has a low roof-line. This new model has a distinctive style specifically from front to back compared to its more rectilinear counterparts X4 and X6. The front has a low bearing and wide stance. Its design also looks similar to its rival, the Range Rover Evoque. The new X2 represent a new styling design for the brand such as their innovative version of kidney grille. It would effectively compete itself against its rapidly increasing segment, particularly in the Chinese market.

Nevertheless, the changes that they made on the hood and the grille provided a rakishly and challenging appearance. The model has a lower body weight due to the usage of individual supplies. The lower weight would mean that the model would be more fuel-efficient and would run steadier than its heavier counterparts. Its windswept shape and the front side part could offer an optimum air flow; thus, minimizing the chances of engine overheating. In comparison to the X1, this model has a windshield angle that is much steeper, smaller greenhouse and a higher beltline.

As what could anyone would expect in a BMW brand, the 2018 BMW X2’s interior would be likely to be cozy, sophisticated, and classy. It might have taken inspiration from the interiors of classy cabins of the 5-series. The chairs would probably be covered with leather material. The interior is bigger and more spacious to provide extra room for luggage and comfort for everybody, whether passengers and driver. BMW added one foot and a half to be exact to its height. Other features of its interior will surely offer a high-end function that will showcase luxury and style.

It is also expected to the SUV to have a touchscreen display, which could be upgraded to a high-resolution touchpad display, around 8.8 inches. The display would allow the motorist to have access to some functions and to keep an eye to the important automotive guidelines of the model. The model is also expected to provide innovative technology to ensure the security of modern day travelers such as table camera. It will also provide the latest entertainment and infotainment systems such as the provision of new gesture control system. As expected, the infotainment display would be placed on a minimalist center console. The dashboard would either have a wood-effect finish or a glossy metal surface. The dashboard was also redesigned to provide more space to the audio system and information system. The audio has seven speakers installed throughout the car.

The air-conditioner vents have a new design, and the steering-wheel would be leather-wrapped. The steering wheel would also have three spokes and a comfortable grip, which is the basic attribute of the X2. Cruise control is another basic feature. Other options that buyers may choose including Harman Kardom sound and a panoramic roof.

On the other hand, despite having a larger interior space, tall passengers who will be seated in the back might not feel comfortable if they will take long journeys because the sporty roofline of this model could consume considerably the space of the rear headroom. The sloped roofline was created to provide a sleek rear end to the vehicle. It may lag in terms of boot space compared to the load bay of its sibling, X1.

2018 BMW X2: Engine and Specs

The 2018 BMW X2 has a UKL platform that supports all-wheel drive. The architecture of its front-wheel-drive is similar to the recent models of Minis, the X1, and the Active Tourer and Gran Tourer.

Concerning Powertrain, no one should expect that it would be identical to the X1 and other mini lineups. In other words, it might not use the two-liter inline-four. The engine’s horsepower of the X2 might be slightly higher compared to the X1’s 228 horsepower engine.It might also offer an eight-speed automatic similar to X1 rather than offering six-speed similar to the Minis. While the X1 has an optional all-wheel drive, X2 is a completely all-wheel drive vehicle. Diesel engines might be offered to the European market, but highly unlikely to the U.S. market.

2018 BMW X2: MSRP and Release Date

The expected date of release of the 2018 BMW X2 would be early 2018. The estimated price of the vehicle would be around $38,000. A pricing higher compared to the more practical X1.


The 2018 BMW X2 is indeed the redefined version of X1, the more practical sibling. Fans of SUV who prefer a more stylish and sporty coupe as well as thrill seekers off the road would love to have the 2018 BMW X2. This newest concept also offers a sheer driving experience and higher efficiency in fuel consumption due to its lower weight. The company designed this most modern concept with sustainable mobility in mind as well as performance and style. Innovative infotainment and entertainment features are also provided, but it could be upgraded depending on the customer’s liking and the availability of features.

The company is continually striving in creating new ideas and developing innovations to provide engine efficient and most aerodynamically designed automobiles and the most preferred top-of-the-line cars across the globe.


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