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BMW Drivers, Officially The Worst On The Road

Updated on March 27, 2017

I've said it for years, and now the proof is in the pudding. Jennings Motor Group have conducted a survey and have discovered that drivers in BMW's are the worst drivers on UK roads.

21.3% of people voted BMW drivers as the worst in the UK

And in a survey done by Car Enthusiast website Car Throttle, 41% of 7440 people voted BMW drivers as the worst jerks on the road.

Of course I already knew this, my daily commute is a 60 mile round trip using major A roads and motorways and I've seen it with my own eyes on a daily basis. Undercutting, Tailgating, Speeding, aggressively switching lanes and weaving in and out of traffic are just some of the dangerous driving manoeuvres I witness everyday on UK roads and motorways. Drivers of all makes and models are guilty of driving dangerously at times but if there's a car tailgating, speeding or undercutting aggressively you can bet your bottom dollar it'll likely be a BMW.

Do You Agree?

Which Brand Do You Think Is The Worst

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As well as being voted the worst drivers in the UK, BMW drivers were also voted as the most aggressive and the most dangerous.

73.3% Voted BMW drivers as the most aggressive while 60.7% voted BMW the most dangerous

So what is it about this German Car manufacturer that attracts bad drivers?

They Look Great

I truly believe BMW is a victim of it's own popularity and innovation. Their cars are impressive, they look great and they perform well so it's no wonder they've become every douche bags must have accessory. I am not a douche bag, I drive my little Ford very safely and conservatively, but had it not been for the bad reputation these drivers have given BMW's I wouldn't mind owning one myself, if not just for how they look.

Their Not Cheap

BMW's are not cheap, a small 1 series starts from £21,000 new and even a second hand one with 50,000 miles on the clock will set you back at least £7000. The popular 3 series starts from £25,000 new and around £9000 second hand. It does seem that the price range of the vehicle corresponds directly to the type of person that drives these vehicles. Mercedes and Audi have similar price ranges and both brands also finished high in the survey for worst drivers on the road. The type of people driving BMW's can afford to drive BMW's and so are more likely to be go getters that tend to succeed in life. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with succeeding in life and being a go getter, however these people also tend to be quite selfish and will do anything to get ahead of anyone else in life and on the road, which unfortunately when you put them behind the wheel of a powerful car doesn't bode very well for the rest of us.

And Finally

To put it bluntly, BMW drivers are arrogant, selfish pigs with attitudes of self importance who don't feel like they need to indicate, stick to the speed limit, give way or keep their distance simply because they believe they are the superior road user. In fact, most BMW drivers probably think their really good drivers, their attitudes are such that they believe driving fast, weaving in and out of traffic without indicating, tailgating and general aresholery is displaying how great they are behind the wheel, when actually they are putting themselves and other road users lives in danger by their actions.

Please Note

I use the term BMW driver as a blanket term of bad drivers who own BMW's and I am very aware that not all BMW drivers are bad drivers, just most of them.

I am also aware that motorists of other brands are also prone to driving badly at times as stated above, Mercedes and Audi also rated high in all the surveys.

Can I also make it clear that this article is in no way a pop at BMW as a brand of vehicle only the assholes that drive them.

Drive safe folks


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