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Updated on February 10, 2010

November 7th, 2008

This was the first pic I took of her :-)
A second hand '06 F800ST with only 6K km!

Came with the sports panniers, ABS, heated grips, clear turnsignals and on-board computer.
Bought it from AS Motorrad in Oporto (its not easy to find one of these babies on the used market)

Like any other biker, I frequently scout the web for accessories and extras for her, so this hub will be a journey accross different options, needs, functions, etc.

Parts » Xenon lights

This was my first 'mod', I requested it right away to the vendor!
I had been looking at a few kits for a long time, but the Honda Shadow Aero just didn't look like the right to bike to see xenon lights on! ;-)

The difference is really significant comparing to the normal headlight. Not only you can see farther now, but also clearer. Helps greatly with visibility from other drivers as well!

Remember to replace the running light as well for a LED replacement, as it will look completely different from the xenon light ;-)

A definite must have!


Acessories » GPS

More than telling me directions, what I love about the GPS is knowing where I am and the roads there are around. Then I can choose my way :-)

There are mainly two options for motorcycle-specific models: the Garmin Zumo and the TomTom Rider.

Each one more expensive than the other :-(

True that certain aspects may improve the user experience and usage to bikers » 
I haven't tried a touchscreen with my gloves on
I haven't used a GPS under heavy rain (or mild showers even)
Certainly a simpler interface should ease operation (while riding?!)

I've made up my mind... I prefer saving 400 euros (and spend them on gas) and take off my gloves, don't ride under rain (which won't be hard to do) and be patient with the 'for cage use' interface on any normal GPS system! :-)


 If you're planning on taking a longer trip and/or travelling with someone, extra luggage space is essencial.
BMW's sports panniers carry 15 litres to 25 litres (expanded), which is not much. Personally, I prefer using them in the most compact way possible, since it gives them more stability. The solution is to buy an extra topcase, fitted into the ST's nice looking mount.
Also, having owned an Honda Aero with a backrest, it makes a huge difference to the person riding with you, in terms of security and comfort :-) the topcase also meets this purpose.

BMW's 28 litre topcase looks good (and it will use the same key as your bike) but you might need a bigger alternative from Givi. Alternatively some brands offer low-price bags that will meet at least the extra luggage need.

Do you have a BMW 28 litre topcase for sale? Email me! ;-)

Tank Bag

Ok, this one I never tried, but really think this could convince me.
Besides clothing, you know that there are a bunch of stuff you have to pack up for you travels, namely maps, phone, camera, various chargers, gps (if you have one), etc. Personnaly, I like keep all these things together and if you're traveling, there are other things that you want to keep close to you, but not necessarily 'on you', like your wallet, smokes, keys, glasses, etc.

A tank bag comes in handy for all of this, keeping everything close and acessible.
There are a lot of different models from different brands, but particularly in this case, BMW makes the finest, best looking ones IMHO.

They come in two sizes: a bigger, normal one, and a smaller one, in case you have BMW's Navigator system installed.

From what I've seen, attachement could be much nicer, since you have to run two straps from your seat to the front of the bike, but even so, they look mighty cool :-)

If you have one of these for sale, email me! ;-)

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