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Bahrain International Circuit (the BIC )

Updated on October 18, 2009

The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC)

Bahrain will be hosting the Fourth round of the 2009 Formula One Grand Prix Championship at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) in Sakhir, Bahrain, from April 24th till April the 26th 2009. In 2007 and 2008 Bahrain hosted the third round of the Formula One championship.

In 2002 the building of the B. I. C. (Bahrain International Circuit) in Sakhir Bahrain started. The site chosen was an area of empty desert near the Bahrain University and Hamad Town. Many were sceptical over wheather the circuit would be ready to host the first Grand Prix race which was scheduled for 2004. By the time of it's completion the Sakhir Circuit became a shinning example of what Bahrain can accomplish if they put there mind to it. The BIC was acknowled to be superior to, not only other race Circuits in the Arabian Gulf region, but other racing circuits worldwide, setting a new benchmark for racetracks design. Cleverly they had managed to look after the press and gave them special facilities and the teems were impressed with the size of their garages in the pit lane. The first race was an oustanding succes and helped established the Sakhir circiut, and Bahrain, as the center of motor sport in the Gulf. The Circuit was ready on time and the first Formula One race was held at the BIC, on schedule, in the 2004 Championship. This race was won by Michael Schumaker the then world champion.

In 2006 the BIC had the privalige of holding the first Race of the F1 Championship season which was testiment to the fine track and organisational skills of those involved. The 2006 season starter again went well and there was talk of Bahrain becoming the prefered venue for the first Grand Prix in future F1 Championships, many advertisers prefered Bahrain due to the time difference between Bahrain and Europe and the Fae East meaning that it attracted a larger audiance worldwide. Bahrain also has a first rate modern transport system with easy conections to destinations worldwide.

Many other races and events are held at the BIC including drag races, GT and Formula 3.The circuit officials are trying to organise more international events and local events which will help give people a sence of community.

A Few Details about the B I C

The BIC track cost around $150 million to build, a lot of money but a bargain when the returns to Bahrain are looked at, durring the race season it provides employment to over 3000 people. The other returns from investment and torism multiply the initial investment many times over. The track layout was designed in a way so that it incorporates six different tracks. The whole complex includes an 8 story VIP tower, seating for 45,000 spectatoers. A 10,500 all seated main Grandstand, 47 VIP Hospitality suites and parking for 13,000 cars.

The media centre has superb facilities for 500 journalists and includes 260 TV sets.

The BIC has many community events as well as sponserd corporate events.

The BIC Six Track Layouts

As mentioned earlier the BIC has six different possible trach layouts in its design, these are as follows.

A 2.55 Km Inner Track.

A 3.66 Km Outer track.

The main 5.41Km Grand Prix track, this includes 15 turns 9 to the right and 6 to the left.

The full circuit is 6.4 Km long.

The Drag Strip is 1.2Km long.

They have a test oval of 2.0Km.

The paddock circuit is 3.7Km long.

The BIC has 4 straights with the start finish straight being 1090m long.


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