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Bangkok auto show fewer car buyers

Updated on April 5, 2016

Although there are many new models launched, but the number of visitors at the exhibition Order Automobile Bangkok has decreased for 4 consecutive years, reflecting the fact the market is less attractive.
Honda Civic Modulo
Honda Civic Modulo
Automobile Exhibition in Bangkok in 2016, had several new models hit the market, such as new-generation Honda Civic, Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 version, upgrade version of the Honda Accord, Toyota Fortuner and Subaru Forester update pair...

Auto shows not merely the opportunity to introduce the product, but also a business opportunity of participating units, but according to the Bangkok Post, the number of tourists buying the car for 14 days exhibited decreased fourth year consecutive. specifically, the amount of orders reached only 32,571 this year, down 12% from last year, did not reach the target of 40,000 orders of the exhibition organizers.

Received the most orders are Honda this year's exhibition, with new-generation Civic received 4308 applications; followed by Toyota (4013 car), Nissan (3586 car), Mazda (3557 cars) and Mitsubishi (3,549 vehicles). In the luxury car segment, Mercedes-Benz received orders for half BMW (1,700 compared to 1,107 vehicles), though in the world, with higher sales BMW Mercedes. It is not surprising because in the Thai capital market popular Mercedes.

He Jaturont Komolmis - Director organizational unit - Grand Prix International Company, said the Thai auto market is in decline due to the economy.

More importantly, domestic consumers have rushed to buy cars in the second half of last year to avoid the calculation of excise tax to take effect from May 1/2016. The new tax is applied based on CO2 emissions, the level of compatibility with E85 biofuel and fuel consumption, rather than just based on engine size as before, the prices increased most vehicles .

"Although car prices increased only by 5% due to changes in excise taxes, and some manufacturers have not increased prices to avoid car sales decline in the first quarter, but the market is still quite sensitive," Mr. Jaturont said. He also said that the Thai automobile market can not rebound in the first half of this year, as banks tightened lending to buy cars.

Mr Surapong Paisitpatanapong - Association spokesperson Thai automotive industry - said the domestic market is still affected by a change in excise tax. 12/2015 consumption in the car for the first time in two years has exceeded 100,000 units due to consumers buying vehicles tax. Jump to month 1 and 2 of this year, stood at 51 715 sales and 57 090 units. Mr Surapong predicted consumption of domestic vehicles in Thailand will decline by 22.6% to 153,000 units in the first quarter of this year, ie the automotive industry are counting on exports.

Intelligent Update

According to the Bangkok Post


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