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Being Proactive with Auto Services

Updated on March 17, 2017

We depend on our vehicles far more now than ever before. Sure, there are more people living in the city, and many people can get away with never even owning a car, but for people having their own set of wheels is still imperative. Consequently, when something happens to our vehicles, it can debilitate us - if not in mobility then financially.

But, there are things we can do not keep the damage to our vehicles at a low - and they are just things like being a safer driver (though that obviously helps!). Many of the actions taken to keep your vehicle on the road can be done as part of preventative maintenance. By taking time do these simple auto servicing actions, you can extend the life of your vehicle and save money, too!

What Auto Service Actions Should You Be Taking?

  1. Change the oil and oil filter as per manufacturer’s directions. Typically this will be need at least once ever 3- 4,000 miles.
  2. Take time to check all the fluids. This includes brake, power steering, transmission, transaxle, windshield washer and antifreeze fluids.
  3. On a regular basis, check the air pressure in your tires to see that it meets what your owner’s manual calls for. In most vehicles, how much air pressure is needed can fluctuate based on time of year and type of surface you are driving on. Talk to a local mechanic if you have questions as to how this relates for your area and vehicle.
  4. Be sure to do a light check. Your vehicle has a number of different and they each play a part. Be sure that they will work when you need them to.
  5. Replace windshield wipers periodically. Failing to do so makes them ineffective and can result in you not being able to see well in a storm.
  6. Check the various belt systems on your vehicle to see that they are not fraying and showing signs of age. Have them changed as soon as you notice signs of deterioration.
  7. Keep the air in your vehicle clean by replacing then air filters often. To be truly effective your air filters should not be clogged or damaged in any way.
  8. Typically, spark plugs need to be replaced every 30,000 miles. If you have not replaced your recently, you may want to check them out.
  9. Take time to check your vehicle’s battery and note how well the connections are working. You should also take time to clean the connectors and posts to help make it easier to inspect.
  10. About every 20,000 miles it will be time to replace the brakes. This might seem too frequent, but it is better to have the ability to stop quickly than to be in an accident.
  11. Make time to check the tires. As soon as they begin to show signs of wearing down, make plans to get new ones.

Don’t just wish that your car will last for years, do your part to ensure that it does. With careful maintenance and schedule auto service appointments you can keep your set(s) of wheels on the road for a long time! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take care of those auto needs, today!

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of auto services. One such site worth visiting is

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