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Benefits of Owning a Minivan

Updated on May 5, 2010

 Although a minivan has a reputation for being boring in appearance, there are many things that make it worth your while to consider the vehicle as your next family car. A vehicle that is similar in shape to a van, but is intended for use as a family automobile has other nomenclatures, depending upon where the vehicle is manufactured and driven. It might be called a multi-purpose vehicle, people mover, people carrier or multi-use vehicle. The shape is taller than a station wagon or hatchback. The purpose of such a vehicle is to provide plenty of interior room to carry passengers in comfort, but it can also carry luggage or other cargo.

Easy entry is a primary characteristic of people movers. The step up into the vehicle is relatively low, and the interior is higher than a station wagon, for example. This means that a passenger can almost stand up to get to the second or third tier of seats. You don't have to crawl over seats or ask the other passengers to get out before gaining entrance to the rear row. In some versions, there are captains chairs for the front driver's and passenger's seating.

 There is some room for luggage or parcels behind the third seat, but it is minimal. Some models have the ability to remove the rear seat quickly. In other models, the passenger seats fold flat or move forward to offer maximum payload room. In this instance, the passenger seating is reduced accordingly.

Another benefit of these automobiles is that they carry several passengers comfortably. Because there is easy access. Up to eight passengers, including the driver can be transported. This assumes captain's chairs in the front. Because of the way the vehicle is designed, the engine limits foot room between the driver and front passenger seat. The passengers in the rear can enjoy climate control and sound separately from the driver's area, making the travel comfortable for all.

There is plenty of foot room in the rear, since the seats tend to be in as more upright position, so passengers sit straighter. The engine is near the front of the vehicle and the height of the roof line makes passenger comfort a priority factor. Even adults can ride comfortably in the rear passenger seats.

 Since they are family cars, it is particular important to provide the highest in safety standards. Different countries have different safety requirements and ratings. The best safety ratings take into consideration front, side and rear impact collisions in testing and ranking the ability of the vehicle to withstand an accident.

Fuel mileage is important in these days of spiraling fuel prices. As a group, the small vans usually claim an overall mileage rating at about twenty miles per gallon. The quality of the fuel and the minimum standards can affect the ratings of an individual vehicle.

Choosing a minivan is usually for other reasons than its appearance. The cars have come a long way from the "box on wheels" appearance of the first models. They can transport a family in good comfort with room for luggage or packages in the back. The safety and fuel rating are good. The interior compartment is arranged for temperature and entertainment features not found in regular passenger vehicles.


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      8 years ago

      Minivans are definitely not what they used to be, and consumer perception is also changing. These great family cars are now equipped with some state of the art features!


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