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Bentley Brooklands review - Luxury car for a Hot Shot

Updated on November 7, 2009

The Bentley Brooklands

The Bentley Brooklands show
The Bentley Brooklands show

Bentley Brooklands Review

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I plan to write my review about this most Luxury car "Bentley Brooklands" since a while and finally i made up my job here. From the makers itself, Bently Motors said that " Inspired by the exploits of the ‘Bentley Boys’ at the famous Brooklands racetrack in the 1920’s, the new Bentley Brooklands captures all the style, power and splendour of that era" so you already know what this car is all about, The ultimate style.

A product of Bentley, British luxury car maker launched at 2008 called The Brooklands, the two-door coupe is a driver's delight. Luxury and style are visible in every elements of the car. Equipped with a powerful V8 engine, the car promises to deliver an enthralling experience for the people riding in it. Bentley Brooklands boasts of the highest level of torque ever produced by a V8 engine. It has firm suspension system, which soaks all the bumps, making each ride highly comfortable. The automobile is sure to be a treasured possession for the super-rich consumers only (So Sad.. So Price.. haha..)

The Looks
At first sought, it's hard to tell how big is Bentley Brooklands really. It looms into view, like a battleship steaming over the horizon and just keeps on looming the closer you get. It's not until you're standing right next to the Brooklands you realize, with a shock, that the damn thing is rolling on 20-inch wheels as it look like 18s. Can you imagine? Its make me shock, really. The Brooklands is a coupe of titanic proportions: a 213-inch two-door that's almost as long as Lincoln Town Car. Weighs about as much as a Chevy Suburban, 5800 pounds. Brooklands is big, it's heavy, and it sure is fast.

The Engine
At the heart of Bentley Brooklands lies a powerful 6.75 V8 petrol engine under the hood, which churns out a power of 530 bhp @ 4000 rpm, with a peak torque of 1050 Nm @ 3250 rpm. The coupe is mated to six speed automatic transmission and its engine is twin-turbo charged. It accelerates from standstill to 60 mph in just 5 seconds and delivers a top speed of 184 mph. It's the most powerful V-8 ever from Crewe, and the world's torquiest automotive engine.

Riding And Handling
The lower-slung driver's seat provides a sporting and comfortable driving position for the boss. The all-steel monocoque body of Bentley Brooklands offers high torsional rigidity, which ensures good handling and riding comfort. The double-wishbone suspension system is equipped with electro-hydraulic dampers, springs, and automatic ride height control, with auto load compensation. These work together to help the driver acquire control over the vehicle during cornering, braking and acceleration. It was very comfortable like driving a jet plane.

The Safety
The safety features of Bentley Brooklands is very advance to ensure maximum safety and comfort for people riding in. Electronic Brake Pressure Distribution (EBD), Automatic Slip Regulation - traction control system (ASR), Antilock Braking System (ABS), Engine drag torque control (MSR), Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) and Aquaplane detection are some of the advanced safety features of the coupe. The anti-submarine seat design of the automobile ensures that passengers have a safe and comfortable when riding on this Bentley. The impact of collisions is minimize, driver and co-passengers are safeguarded by thorax airbag systems.

Price And Color variation
With price approx $330,000 (£165,000; €250,000) Bentley Brooklands is true belong to a big boss legend. Its offers you a wide range of colors to choose from, which include Silver Lake, Neptune, Oxford Blue, Peacock, Porcelain, Royal Ebony, Moroccan, Moonbeam, Midnight Emerald, Meteor, Glacier, Gray Violet, Iridium, Magnolia Burnt Oak, Iridium, Alpine Green, Anthracite, Antique Gold, Arctica, Barnato Green, Beluga Black, Black Velvet, Brewster Green, Bronze, Burgundy, Windsor Blue, Tungsten, Umbrian, Venusian Gray, Verdant, Titan Gray, Sunset, Storm Gray, St. James Red, Silver Tempest, Silver Storm, Coral, Cypress, Dark Sapphire, Diamond Black, Fountain Blue, Glacier and Gray Violet.And the big boss always can customize it according to their passion.

The Comfort of collectors' classic

Featuring a unique styling, the sleek appearance of the car is characterized by its long hood, short front overhang, long rear overhang, low roofline and pillar-less and elongated side glass area. TIt is powerful, muscular and very stylish.The four-seater coupe is as comfortable and relaxing for rear seat passengers as it is for the driver and co-driver. The Brooklands' cabin is wider both front and rear than the previous Bentley Continental R coupe, the rear by 10 percent, and it easily exceeds the interior leg, knee and headroom of any luxury coupe on sale today. while electronically adjustable seats offer a comfortable fit for each of its four occupants. With the first year’s production already sold out, and the first deliveries to begin in the first quarter of 2008. Production is limited to just 550 units, it’s clear that the Bentley Brooklands is destined to become a collectors' classic.

Do you lucky person who have it??

Bentley Brooklands Galleries

Bentley Brooklands Gallery
Bentley Brooklands Gallery
Bentley Brooklands Galleriy
Bentley Brooklands Galleriy



Base Price


Vehicle Layout

Front-engine, RWD, 4-pass, 2-door coupe


6.75L/530hp/774lb-ft twin turbo OHV 16 valve V-8


6-speed automatic

Curb Weight

5853lb (mfr)



Length x Width x Height

213.0 x 81.8 x 58in

0-60 mph

5.0sec (mfr)

EPA City/Hwy Econ


CO2 Emissions


On Sale In U.S.

Fall 2008


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