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Bentley the Powerhouse company

Updated on July 5, 2012

Bentley is a famous car manufacture which manufactures luxury cars for people that are wealthy enough to buy them. The company known as Bentley Motors Ltd was created in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley. Now the company is a public limited company and is based in the UK , Cheshire

Bentley Boys

Bentley started out as one of the top racing companies of its day and it used to compete in the Le-mans Grand prix. This in the 20's was the most gruelling race in Europe and it was very hard on the cars and on the men that used to drive the cars. However Bentley discovered success with their cars in this race wining from 1923 to 1930 only losing in 25 and 26. Because of their infamous victories the Bentley cars were dubbed the world's fastest lorries for their reliability and toughness .
The notoriety of the car brought forward a group of people to be known as the Bentley Boys. These men drove Bentley sports cars in the 20's and were involved in the development leading to the infamous car the Bentley Blower.
The Bentley Blower was one of the most iconic Bentley's ever made and certainly the most iconic Bentley made in its time (1930's). The car had a super charger which could be seen and was featured in the Avengers and also the original James Bond novels.
The Great Depression of the 30's brought forward many problems for the company and saw the early year success reduced to a bare minimum in terms of success. The demand for the cars had steeply declined due to the poor economy and the high price tags that came with the performance cars. Eventually after a long struggle Bentley could not sustain itself any longer and was finally sold to Rolls Royce.
Just before the naughties Volkswagen bought the Bentley brand and introduced the new shape of Bentley include iconic cars such as the Queen Elizabeth , the Bentley continental and the Bentley Arnage. While a great deal of the racing outburst of old has been kept to the track the luxury cars of today still show some performance of old.
The Bentley Continental GT is one of these cars which show the old racing pedigree still running through the Bentley's of today. The GT is a two door coupe which was released in 2003 with a 6.0ltr turbocharged W12 engine which produces 550bhp. For a big body car it is still a quick sprint doing 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and will go on to reach a top speed of 200mph.
The company that stared out on a journey from speed and reliability is still upholding its values till this day. The Bentley company hold the world record for the fastest car on ice having reached 205mph in a Bentley Continental GT taking the world record from Bugatti which previously held the record at 186mph. The Bentley car company will always be known for its fast cars , reliable cars and the comfort cars of recent times.


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