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Best Buy Speakers for Cars - Compare JBL vs Pioneer Speakers

Updated on October 25, 2012

Are you searching to buy best speakers for your car? JBL are great car speakers according to me

Hello Soni, I just came to know from Hyundai showroom at Okhla, Delhi that a Hyundai music system can be fitted in the dashboard of my Hyundai i10 Magna which is similar to Sportz version and I feel it will add a nice look to the dashboard. At the same time, they told me that it does not support a woofer and has normal sound. Kindly suggest your views on this and please tell me if fitting tube subwoofer occupies a lot of boot space or not? Also tell me about amplifiers and speakers comparing quality of JBL speakers and Pioneer speakers and also their cost. Also tell if automotive aftermarket parts and modifications like speakers, subwoofers, etc. hamper or void car electrical parts warranty provided by the car manufacturer.

No it is not true that automotive aftermarket parts and modifications like speakers, subwoofers, etc. hamper or void car electrical parts warranty provided by the car manufacturer. But yes this is true when you cut the company-fitted electrical wires inside the car or completely reinstall new wires. Else if you just use the same wires, the warranty will not be void. Also if you are getting a music system with speakers fitted by the car dealer/manufacturer himself, then you are in safe hands provided you have proper bill for the same so that you get proper claim of your warranty when you send your car to the service station for replacement of faulty parts.

Although company-fitted music system surely looks good but what the salesperson at the showroom says is not always correct because this is India and here all the jugad takes place. Jugad means getting the things done by hook or crook utilizing any type of means. So you don’t know if you are getting a good quality music system from the dealer.

Compare JBL vs Pioneer Car Speakers

The quality difference between Pioneer and JBL car speakers is very much. Even with the same watts, speakers, and everything equal, the JBL will sound better than the Pioneer and the difference is easily noticeable. For average voice music, every speaker is okay but on high volumes, only good quality stuff remains intact which include speakers from Bose, JBL, etc. but not the Pioneer and Sony speakers. Bose is kind of expensive and JBL is for medium and low range. A Pioneer 1200 watts woofer costs Rs. 3000 and JBL 1100 watts woofer costs Rs. 3990 and even with 100 watts less, JBL has better BASS and quality sound output.

Dashboard of my Hyundai i10 Magna before installation of music system and car speakers.
Dashboard of my Hyundai i10 Magna before installation of music system and car speakers. | Source

If you really want to install a company fitted music system, then according to my advice, you can fit any subwoofer with the music system. You can go for JBL Tube GT-X1250T and for amplifier go for GT-X424 or GT-X646 whichever can take the load of this woofer. The woofer will cost you around Rs. 7990 and amplifier will cost Rs. 8990 for X646 and X424 will cost Rs. 4990. With woofer, always get better wiring done for uninterrupted sound quality. Good wirings start at Rs.1500 or above from Scorsche, but keep in mind rewiring will definitely void your warranty on electrical parts inside the car. Some consider this and some don’t bother about this. It’s a personal choice.

Amplifier and woofer will cost you alone 17k and if you go for cheaper amps, it will save you around 4k and good wirings will be extra by Rs.1500 to Rs.2500 depends on which one is available. For more information, check JBL India website and you will get the price of the products as well.

It is a true fact that you will lose all the boot space with the tube installed and the amplifier can be fitted under the seat.

Cheap and Best Car Speakers

If you want to save money, I have a cheaper option available for you. It will give you the same taste of the woofer. Just go for JBL GTO 949 speakers. They will cost you Rs. 5990 only. Currently this is the price for JBL GTO 949 speakers in India. They have good bass, treble, and tweeters. If you get these, you will not need to get anything else. Just fit these on the rear parcel tray. Also, get some good wiring for these speakers; otherwise, the sound effect will not be so good.

Subwoofers are meant for very high sound output

I would suggest you to buy a music system that includes head unit which supports USB too. Subwoofer is not required if you are planning to install good rear speakers. Subwoofers do take lot of space and an extra cost to the music system. If you are trance, techno, disco, remix, house music freak or a show off guy, then subwoofers do add value. You will have to spend around 16000 + extra only for subwoofers and the breakup is (mono block amplifiers + sub woofer + wooden enclosure along with tube gold-plated thick wires, fuse and clean fitting).


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes it is good and one more thing I found this amazing deal of Pioneer, it's best I have found on Amazon till now:

      Pioneer AVH-P4400BH 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7" Widescreen Touch Panel Display, Built-In Bluetooth, and HD Radio™ Tuner

    • profile image

      Himanshu 5 years ago

      its good to buy pioneer touchscreen mouse