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Why the Honda Accord is the Best High Score, 6 Years Valued Car with Secret Compartment Stored?

Updated on August 11, 2016
Craan profile image

She's a children's author who enjoys riding a reliable car. The Honda Accord is it! She loves to share her reasons with you!

A Honda Must Have

Dollar for dollar the Honda Accord is unquestionably the best sedan model for a car price on American roads today!

I've been driving a Honda Accord for the past six years, and I'm downright amazed by its ride experience. I always feel exhilarated when I'm driving my Honda Accord...

  • The Honda Accord's wheel base is solid and utterly hugs the roadway, making it a rugged car with scrupulous wheels.
  • The Honda Accord goes where I want it to go, without hesitation with immense power and strength.
  • The Honda Accord has a remarkably comfortable interior design with two secret compartments for storing your valuables and key locks.
  • The Honda Accord's engineering has a steady torque when making sharp turns.
  • The Honda Accord's air-conditioning system works like a charm, and it set to a comfortable cabin temperature.
  • The Honda Accord's sound system is out of this world! When I listen to my favorite classical CD's, it's as if I had been at a concert hall with an orchestra playing before me. Its' many radio stations are clear-cut with adjustable knobs for the treble and bass.
  • The Honda Accord's acceleration is perfect without a runaway feel.
  • The Honda Accord's ABS brakes work wonderfully at the command of your foot. The Honda Accord is essentially maintenance free once you keep up with its' oil changes and tire rotations and regularly scheduled checkups.

I think the Honda Accord is the safest car in its class with eight airbags, and a solid, heavy metal construction base.

I was rear ended at a red light a few years ago. My Honda Accord absorbed all the impact with minimal damage. Its Chassis stayed intact, and I sustained a nominal injury. Another car would have caved in like an accordion and I would have sustained a major injury.

A whole lot of engineering went into the design of the Honda Accord! American Honda obtained a really high score with the safest crash test ratings of excellence. I believe the Accord will continue to be the best car in its' class for many years to come.

I am an extraordinarily proud driver of my Honda Accord, because it's the most valuable sedan in the market in terms of a dollar cost price.

Look Out for the Stylish Honda Accord!

I love my Honda!
I love my Honda! | Source

A Honda Accord is...

* Stylish
* Efficient
* Dependable
* Affordable
* Not Comparable

I absolutely LOVE my Honda Accord! And you'll Love your Honda too! Would you, check out the latest Honda's at

2016 review of the Honda!

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© 2010 Sheila Craan


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  • I.B. profile image

    I.B. 6 years ago from Center of the Universe

    I agree. Hondas are surely one of the best ( if not the best ) bang for your buck.

    I owned a Civic for 6 years and now have a Prelude for over 3 years. I have spent ....wait for it....25€ ( 33$ ) on services (outside the normal servise regime - oil etc etc ). No faults no nothing.

    I cant think of any other brand I would currently go to.

  • sunchild28 profile image

    sunchild28 6 years ago from Nigeria

    Good description of Honda,my first car will be a Honda accord.

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