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Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

Updated on July 31, 2014

Make things easy with a car seat stroller combo

When you are starting to look at the big buys for your new baby, the car seat and stroller are high on the list. Buying car seat and stroller combinations are a great way to save money and have matching pieces you know work together. There are many options and brands to choose from, and you can spend hours looking through them all. To save you some time, I reviewed four of the best car seat stroller combo on the market today.

Graco Fas tAction Fold Click Connect Travel System

Graco is one of the most popular brands out there. With their reasonably priced and attractive designs, it is not hard to see why this car seat, stroller combo made the list. This system hits many of the check marks people look for in a car seat and stroller with features like canopies and cup holders.The stroller seat reclines in multiple positions and will fit easily into most cars.The car seat can accommodate an infant up to 30 pounds. With secure safety ratings, it is definitely a good solid choice for moms on the go with it's 1 second, 1hand fold.

Evenflo 300 Journey stroller with Embrace car seat

Along the same price range as the Graco, here is something a little different to choose from. A sleek design that is not only eye-catching, but made with quality.The stroller is sturdy and the car seat is lightweight.The stroller is easy to unfold with their "stand hold and fold" feature.In addition, the car seat will safely hold an infant up to 35 pounds which will increase the time it can be used and extend your money just a little further. There is a good sized bin underneath for diaper bags and shopping bags.This combination is a great value with the smooth ride and high safety ratings.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

Higher in the price rage is a streamline jogging stroller for the active family.With all terrain bicycle tires and reflectors, this stroller will satisfy.It has a adjustable padded seat for your baby to relax in while you use the nicely padded handle to propel yourself into the trail before you.The car seat can easily lock into the stroller so you don't need to wait any time at all to take this jogger around the block.Even with the big wheels it can fold into a more compact shape as long as you don't expect it to be as small as a standard stroller. The canopy can be arranged to keep the sun out of those sweet baby blues during your escapades.All in all, a solid buy for the mobile you.

Chicco Cortina Travel System Keyfit 30

The toughest on the budget of these four but a personal favorite, this travel system is a gem.The stroller folds up quite easily and the car seat is simple to transfer back and forth.Easy to drive, the handle will adjust to you what you need while roaming.While it is on the heavier side, the quality of both the car seat and the stroller is ample.The car seat will hold an infant up to 30 pounds and comes with an easily adjustable car base.After baby sits in the stroller the storage space seems to double with the sturdy cloth shelf below.Gliding as you maneuver the aisles, this stroller and car seat combination delights.

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    • misguyana profile image

      misguyana 4 years ago

      Gosh, I have graduated from car seats. Good luck to you guys.