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Best Car insurance companies 2014-2015

Updated on July 10, 2014

Choosing a best car insurance company is always a tough task for the owners.Actually,many of the car owners won't have interest in taking an insurance for their cars as they don't know the advantages of having a car insurance.You can have peace of mind once after taking an insurance for your car.Even if your car meets an accident of accidentally got stolen,then no need to worry if you have an insurance policy.There are many cases like these where your car gets damaged or stolen or even caught fire.

Insurance will help you get back the required money to repair the car.Also,if your car is lost,money will be paid by the insurance company.Like this,there are many advantages of having an insurance policy for your Car.But,i'm here to discuss about the best car insurance companies in the world.Here i will list out some of the most famous and most used car insurance companies where you can invest your car insurance money without any fear.Have a look at them below.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty mutual is one of the world famous Insurance company.It is more commonly known as Liberty Mutual Insurance.It's headquarters is located at Boston,United States.They have their company branches in Argentina,Chile,Brazil,China,Columbia,Ecuador,India,Ireland etc.They have very positive reviews from it's customers.There are nearly 50000 employees working for Liberty Mutual at present.

They are very friendly and helpful to it's customers.Their pricing is also minimum.Some customers consider this to be the best car insurance company in the world.This policy is best for customers who pay regularly and are willing to have a good service from the company.

State Farm Inusrance

It is a US based insurance company which also has operations in Canada.It was founded on June 7,1922 and is one of the oldest insurance companies of United states of America.It ranked 44th in the top 500 companies of United States.It has nearly 66000 employees at present.They serve policies for health,car and Homes.

It has best employer staff who will help you 24/7.They serve for their best and have good reviews from their customers.Their premiums are also of low price.



Esurance or Esurance Insurance services Inc is a Us-Based Insurance company which was founded by Gary Charles Tolman in June 1988.It's revenue in 2012 was nearly 1 Billion Us Dollars.It has nearly 2500 employees in the 16 officies of Esurance worldwide.It serves Car,Home and health loans.It has nearly 9 Lakh policies registered already.

You will feel irritated to go and pay the insurance fee all the time.But,their online website makes it simpler.Their website makes you pay,change policies easily online within seconds.


GEICO or Government Employees insurance company is an Auto insurance company of United States.It is the second largest auto insurance company in and around United states of serves for nearly 13 million cars and nearly 12 Million plus policy holders.It was founded in 1936 and it's revenue is nearly 9 Billion US dollars.

With nearly 25000 employees who work 24/7 worldwide,this stands second in the worlds biggest Auto insurance companies.They have excellent Customer service which made them get good number of customers.For those who want to save money and have a good customer service,this is the best and recommended insurance company.


Allstate is the third largest Auto insurance company of United states of America.It also serves its operations in Canada.It was founded in 1931 by Thomas Wilson and it has a turnover of 32 Billion Us Dollars in 2012.They serve services like Home insurance,auto,health insurances and Banking services too.Its headquarters is located at Northfield Township,IIIinois

All the employees are peace-hearted and helpful.You can give your car for the service centers without any fear.They are fast too.

All these are the most famous car insurance companies of USA while Liberty Mutual is spread to different countries..These are the most famous and probably the best car insurance companies in 2014.Also,please vote for your favorite Insurance company so that the other people will find easier to choose the best of the above companies.Thanks for reading.

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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      Interesting , well informed and useful to many.

      Voting up and sharing.


    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 3 years ago from Michigan

      I did not realize Liberty Mutual is one of the best. Interesting information. Useful!