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The 10 Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Updated on November 27, 2015
Kid's Electric Scooters
Kid's Electric Scooters

Age Limits

The manufacturers always recommend age ranges for these scooters. Kids (and parents) usually ignore them. Ask yourself 'is my child responsible enough for a machine that can travel at 10 or 15 miles an hour?' before you buy one!

No kid will let you send one back without a fight...

Why would any Kid want an Electric Scooter?

Put this question to any ten year old and they will think you are crazy. They don't want a scooter they need one!

When you watch the neighbors kids zipping by on their latest Razor you can understand why. Why didn't they have these when I was a kid?

Are They Safe?

Mostly they have top speeds of less than fifteen miles an hour- and only ten for younger kids. This is no quicker than a normal bicycle and they cannot go any faster downhill. They are certainly not heavy enough to crush little legs. If your child is OK with an ordinary scooter or cycle they should be fine with an electric model.

Practical Uses?

There must be some. Please drop suggestions in the comment box below!

How to Choose

It isn't often that one company wraps up any market more or less completely but when it comes to kid's scooter. Razor is dominant, partly on product range, partly on pricing.

The only real competition comes from Currie Technologies who have a more expensive, but more robust, product line. The alternatives to these 2 quality brands are cheap imports that look like they might just fall to pieces if they hit a bump.

The good news is that Razor make great scooters and the choice is enormous. There are sensible scooters, glamorous scooters, outrageous scooters and machines that look like a tiny goblin might have conjured them from the mists of hell. Currie Technologies offer a worthwhile alternative if you want a really solid construction.

Electric Scooter Prices

Razors start from around $90 online. The more outrageous machines can be around $300. Curry technologies offer very robust and popular machines for older teens at around $400.


You will see these everywhere, once you start looking.

The popular e300
The popular e300

Razor E100, E200 and E300 Series

Some kids won't sit down when it's fun time. They like to stand and this could be the scooter for them. Handlebar height is adjustable on all these machines,

  • The E100 is for 8 years and up and has a top speed of 10mph.
  • The E200 is for 12 years and up and will carry a massive 220 pounds at speeds up to 12 mph
  • The E300 is also for 12 years and older. It will also carry bigger kids up to 220 pounds but has a more powerful motor and can mange 15 mph.

The motors on these machines are quiet. Even when they are travelling up a hill you can hardly here anything from across the street, so you won't be getting complaints from the neighbors.

Currie Technologies Scooters

Currie Technologies e-Zip

The E750 is popular with teens of all ages. It is a practical way to get about and has a range of about 12 miles. Top speed is 15 miles per hour.

It is a stronger construction than the Razor E300 and has better front suspension giving a smoother ride. The tyres are also bigger than the E300- 12 inches compared to 8 inches, The max weight it can carry is 260 pounds, so there is no problem with school bags or shopping.

The price, as you might have guessed, reflects the extra advantages.

The Nano

You could also check out the latest scooter from the same maker, the e-Zip Nano.

It is not as supercharged as E750 but is a stylish machine with a top load of one fifty pounds.

Are Scooters Safe?

The controls are no challenge for a child who has mastered a bicycle. There is a throttle on the hand grip which gives a smooth and easily controllable acceleration. The brake is on the other grip. You need to kick off before the engine engages so no unexpected or jerky starts are possible- a valuable safety feature.

With Seats?

For a few dollars more you can buy these scooters with seats.

For Older Kids

1000 watt power, with or without a seat.
1000 watt power, with or without a seat.

1000 Watt Elite

This is a genuinely practical scooter for older kids to get around on. It will carry 300 pounds and the features, like the well padded seat, and fully developed suspension make it a comfortable all-round ride for regular use over long distances.

It is fast (over 20 mph) and has far more rapid acceleration than the smaller E-Razors above, demanding responsible handling but also delivering more fun.

Over the last twelve months it has become one of the most popular electric scooters of all kinds, even displacing very expensive adult commuter scooters.

Exotic Scooters

Remodelling a Razor gives you some cute options. And some seriously sporty options.

Some of these are pushing the definition of 'scooter' but worth considering.

Pocket Mod for Italian Style
Pocket Mod for Italian Style

Pocket Mod

It's no secret that this one appeals to girls more than boys. There is something about the Italian Vespa styling that exudes sophistication. This is a scooter to drive around Rome. It also looks good on a trip to the store.

It has a top speed of 15 mph and will travel 10 miles on a single charge. The manufacturers recommend them for kids of 12 and older but that hasn't stopped many younger kids jumping on. The 150 lb weight limit doesn't always stop Dads borrowing them too (and looking very silly!).

There is a useful storage space under the seat.

Razor Rocket: less than scary this PR photo looks (probably a good thing).
Razor Rocket: less than scary this PR photo looks (probably a good thing).

Razor Rocket

If this was any bigger it would scare any parent of a pre-teen to death. Luckily, the looks are great but the top speed is only 15 miles an hour. That can still be pretty fast for a kid so don't forget the safety gear.

Are they popular? I wouldn't leave one unattended for too long.

Dirt Rocket: one of the most popular Razors ever.
Dirt Rocket: one of the most popular Razors ever.

Dirt Bike

If I was ten this is the bike I would want. This one has attitude without looking lethal.

It has twelve inch knobbly tyres, a double crown fork and offers a good ride on rough terrain.

Unlike gas motocross bikes for kids it is quiet and reliable.

A surprising number of girls will go for this model.

eSpark: portrayed  by an artist with an over-active imagination?
eSpark: portrayed by an artist with an over-active imagination?

Razor eSpark

This year Razor have added extra appeal to the e100 with a spark generator at the back.

It is not as electrifying as the publicity photo above but when a kid puts a foot on the device real sparks do jet out the back.

I reckon this will be appreciated by younger kids.

The spark bar at the back will come off once they have had enough.

How to Assemble

We all hate doing it but it is less difficult to assemble these machines than you might think. The video below gives you an idea of what is entailed with Razor E range

Something Different

Razor Tricycle
Razor Tricycle

If you are worried about young kids falling over on a scooter, the tricycle pictured above is a stable alternative.

It will run for about forty minutes on a full charge and has very easy controls. There is a button to go and handbrakes to stop,

Top speed is around nine miles per hour.

A Few Things You might Need with any Scooter

Safety issues are always important where kids are involved.

  • A helmet is the most important thing, of course.
  • Gloves
  • Knee and elbow protectors will probably make you feel happier if your kid is a daredevil on wheels.

Getting kids to wear them can be a pain. If you let them chose the latest and most desirable fashion items it will help your case.


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    • Will Apse profile imageAUTHOR

      Will Apse 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for that input, rsinduman.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is useful, but the following is not true: "The alternatives to these 2 quality brands are cheap imports that look like they might just fall to pieces if they hit a bump." I bought a scooter from Super Cycles and Scooters, and it is about one year old and has had no problems. I go 25MPH one a very bad sidewalk and it has had no problems. Also, Razor scooters are a little bit underpowered with the highest end model only having 300 watts of power. I would not recommend buying one of these if you live on a hill because they simply will not go up. I paid $450 for my Super Turbo 800 Watt Elite and it has 800 watts of power; I would recommend paying the extra price and getting that instead of a Razor or Currie scooter.

    • hafeezrm profile image


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      Nice and useful information for buying a scooter.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      I agree that a helmet is paramount. I've crashed on a bicycle: broken ribs and ugly full-thickness skin lacerations, but no head damage. These 'scooters' go as fast or faster than a bicycle.


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