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Best Ford Drivers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup

Updated on June 25, 2014

A part of NASCAR from it's inception, Ford has always had some great drivers. Their history includes David Pearson, Bill Elliott, and Dale Jarrett. Even Dale Earnhardt drove a Ford in four races early in his career. And with the addition recently of Richard Petty Motorsports, Ford can boast that they have had Petty, Pearson, and Earnhardt.

Ford Racing has placed a nigh priority on their NASCAR program and have recruited some of NASCAR's most competitive teams and drivers to carry their blue oval. Teams like Roush Fenway Racing, Richard Petty Motorsports, and now (again) Roger Penski Racing.

Although, with the addition of Toyota and the reduction of drivers per team, there are less total Ford drivers, Ford still has much to be proud of with a stable full of great drivers. Below are the current top 5 Ford drivers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. These drivers have not only accomplished much in racing but also have a big future still to lay out.

#5 NASCAR Ford Driver: Rickey Stenhouse Jr.

Stepping in as the replacement for one of NASCAR's best drivers and one of Ford's most productive drivers is a tough bill for any new Sprint Cup driver, but it is just what Ricky Stenhouse had to do entering the 2013 season with Matt Kenseth leaving Ford and Roush Fenway Racing. What would make many drivers crumble has made Stenhouse eager to prove himself.

Stenhouse has driven for Rousch since 2008 when he won 2 races in the ARCA series. Stenhouse was quickly moved to the Nationwide series in 2009 and in 2011 and 2012 brought Roush and Ford 8 wins and 2 championships making him the obvious choice to fill Kenseth's sead once plans were made by Kenseth to move to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2013.

Ricky is a calculating driver that is known for keeping his car clean, yet is not afraid of denting a fender, even those of his veteran competitors.

#4 NASCAR Ford Driver: Joey Logano


After joining Joe Gibbs Racing's full time Sprint Cup stable in 2009, Logano has posted two Sprint Cup victories. However, with expectations in the world of million dollar sponsorships, Logano and Gibbs have parted ways. This year Joey Logano will be driving for Roger Penske who has changed from Dodge to Ford chassis.

On of the main reasons Logano was brough to Penske, and thereby Ford, was the recommendation of his new teammate, Brad Keselowski. Keselowski noted Logano's ability to break down the handling of the cars and his ability to relay information to help with adjustments and felt that was a great indication of a winning future for Logano in Sprint Cup racing.

Although Logano has not had eye-popping numbers in the past couple of years, however, he has had flashes of strength and has increased his laps led total each season. In fact, in 2012 he had almost four times as many laps led as in his 2011 season. It will be interesting to see how Logano fits with his new crew chief and team, along with how he handles riding around behind a Ford logo.

#3 NASCAR Ford Driver: Greg Biffle

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Greg Biffle began his Ford career in NASCAR in 1998 driving for Jack Roush in the Camping World Truck Series. With over 50 wins in NASCAR's top 3 series for Ford and Roush, Biffle has been one of the most productive Ford drivers in the last 20 years. Entering his 11th season in the #16 Ford in the Sprint Cup Series, Biffle has not let off. Last year he led the Sprint Cup points for several races and threatened to win all season, including 2 wins.

Although Biffle is now well into his 40's, he is showing no sign of letting up. Greg has long been known as one of NASCAR's hardest charging drivers and will wrangle every bit of speed out of his car in effort to get to the front. Now that Biffle has established himself as one of NASCAR's elite drivers, his attention has turned to capturing the elusive Sprint Cup Championship and he will be a threat to win it again this year.

#2 NASCAR Ford Driver: Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards has only had a couple of wins in the past few years, however, he should be on anyone's list of top Ford drivers. Edwards has finished in the top 5 in points 3 of the last 5 years, including two runner up finishes, narrowly losing the Sprint Cup Championship. His million dollar smile and trademark back flip have gained him millions of fans and plenty of sponsors, but his ability with a racecar had gained him respect in the garage.

Edwards began in the NASCAR's truck series in 2002 racing for a smaller team, but soon gained the attention of Jack Roush and has been with Roush and Ford ever since. From his debut in the Sprint Cup Series in 2004, Edwards has been amoung the best of NASCAR's talent. His best year to date, 2008, included a 2nd place championship finish after a stunning 9 win season.

Edwards has had two tough seasons, but look for him to make a serious rebound in 2013. With Kenseth gone from RFR, Edwards is eager to pick up the banner for Ford and Roush and is seen by many as the flagship Ford driver.

#1 NASCAR Ford Driver: Brad Keselowski

As the only current Ford driver to have won a NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, Brad Keselowski easily finds himself as the top Ford driver in NASCAR. After winning the 2012 Sprint Cup, Keselowski made a move to the blue oval as Penski Racing left Dodge to return to Ford Racing.

Keselowski has become known in his first few seasons as a young, aggressive driver that is afraid of nobody. Although he has had several on-track altercations, Keselowski has also become a weekly contender that has proven he can win at any track.

Even though Brad often complained that his Dodge was behind the aero advantage of Hendrick Motorsports and the horsepower advantage of Roush Fenway Racing, he found ways to victory lane in 2012, be it by saving gas or by out-driving the competition. With added power in 2013, Keselowski is an automatic threat to repeat his performance from last season.

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    • jericho911 profile image

      Kenneth Claude 4 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Nice hub, even though I hate Rousch racing. I'm a Gibbs fan and was glad to see Joey go. Denny and Kyle both despised him anyway. He's awful at bump drafting and wrecked his own teammates on a regular basis on the restrictor plate tracks. Plus, one of Joey's wins was completely fake in one of those stupid rained out finishes where he was rewarded for sucking all day and then not pitting. Good article, though !! I just have bad memories of Logano. Gotta love Bad Brad, though !