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Best GPS Vehicle Navigation Systems

Updated on July 30, 2009

The best GPS vehicle navigation systems on the market...

are the Garmin Nuvis. From value to budget to the top of the line, Garmin's Nuvi models are flat out the best options. Other brands have their own claims to fame, such as Tom Tom's high quality maps, but right now nobody else offers the all around goodness of a Nuvi.

Best Value: Garmin Nuvi 760

The 760 offers some of the top features on the market at a mid-range price.  The 4.3 inch widescreen is easy to read and features a speed limit indicator so you'll always know how fast you can go.  The navigation speech will read real street names aloud so you don't have to look at the GPS unit when you're making a turn (trying to figure out which of two streets you should actually turn down).  Another big plus is the built in bluetooth that allows you to sync up your phone and make hands-free calls.

Best Budget: Garmin Nuvi 250

For the budget minded consumer, the Garmin Nuvi 250 will get the job done.  No GPS vehicle navigation system comes any cheaper than this unless it's factory refurbished.  This is a very basic GPS unit but if you just need to get from point A to point B it should do the trick.  Be aware, I have heard some people complain about the efficiency of the routes.

Bells & Whistles: Garmin Nubi 885T

The Garmin Nuvi 885T is GPS navigation bliss.  All of the features of the 760 plus much more.  Voice recognition that really works, even without training, makes this unit seem like something out of the future.  The Junction View eliminates one of the most maddening moments when using a GPS by clearly showing which exit to take when several options are in front of you.  For the first three months you'll also receive free MSN Direct.  This service provides traffic data, local gas prices, weather, and movie times.

Which GPS vehicle navigation system do you have?  What's the best GPS unit on the market today?  If you have any other questions or comments, please post it in this section.  Thanks!


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      Mike 8 years ago

      Hi! Check out for some top recommended GPS systems at affordable prices!

    • profile image

      Pat Chan 8 years ago

      Can you compare between Garmin 885T VS Garmin 1390T? I am in the wonder of which one I should buy. Thanks.