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Best Online Driving Courses – Site Reviews and Training Guides.

Updated on November 1, 2009

You really need eyes in the back of your head!

Learn Safe Driving Techniques Without The Risks
Learn Safe Driving Techniques Without The Risks

Brief description of each course.

I have put together a snapshot of some of the best online driving courses I have reviewed to give you an appreciation of some of the excellent educational driving resources that are available via the Internet. Below you will see a short description of the skills and info that can be gained from each website and training guide.
An online defensive driving course and traffic instruction program:

The online driving courses provided allow you to easily dismiss your traffic tickets. It's very professional, state specific and contains pioneering features like course recall and dynamic movies. This course updates frequently, which is essential. You can do the lessons at home, you don't need to be computer savvy to do it, and you can feel protected in a 100 percent money-back guarantee and live support team.

Get Ready to
Driving road test video training guide, Format - Download:

Interactive video program for cars and motorcycles specifically designed to teach you best practice while driving, to do all the tricky things drivers and riders encounter every day. Jim Kenzie is the host along with some guests and he has more than 20 years experience as a automotive journalist, explaining exactly what the road test exam will consist of with a studio discussion and HD videos with narration.

Teen I Drive
Teen driver ed program, Format - 100 percent online:

Skip all the tedious classes and use these simple lessons that convey driving laws, tips for drivers, and driver safety. You have the option as to how much and when you practice. Do it little by little or a heap of it in one sitting.

Overcoming the fear of driving program, Format - Download:

One of the most respected and trusted recovery programs for the fear of driving and test anxiety anywhere, used by professionals and hundreds of individuals worldwide. Rich Presta conquered a fear of driving himself, and he designed this course to help anyone overcome their phobias; the course has telephone support and comes with an eight-week, money-back guarantee.

Practice Test I Drive
Practice DMV written test program, Format - 100 percent online:

This program utilizes computer based training methods. It will help you practice for your DMV test by taking some of the hardest questions from actual tests and also bringing in questions that are specific to laws in your state. The lessons target your problem areas and offer a refresher right before the real test. Create mock exams by using state-specific DMV test questions, randomly produce practical exams which display the answers you missed and which ones you got right. Apply both methods by going back and forth from mock exam mode to the review mode any time you feel like.

Go To Traffic
Speeding ticket dismissal course, Format - Online, workbook, DVD:

Very affordable online driving course and suited for those who have got a traffic ticket and would like to remove the points from their driving record or would like to decrease their insurance premiums. There are several ways to use this course, whether online by streaming video, a DVD with a workbook and also an e-workbook. This provides you with a better option when you are required to take a driver safety course for your job than sitting in a classroom.

Mature I Drive
Course in driving improvement for mature people, online and audio format:

A specialized online driving course, granting discounts on your vehicle insurance premium which can be up to 15 percent with excellent features like large size text option for easy reading and an audio upgrade that allows you to sit back and relax as the text is read out on your computer. It is very convenient and easy to do. You can work at your own speed at your choice of place.
Course in driving defensively in Texas - DVD and Online:

A convenient and affordable online driving course for ticket avoiding in Texas. You may also receive an insurance reduction by completing the driver safety course that uses streamed videos and animations that make the defensive driving process, educational and enjoyable.
Teen driver education class, Online and workbook format:

This is a fun and funky site intended at teaching teens - under 18, the fundamentals of driving safely and contains pictures, animations and movies all designed to make your driver training a lot more enjoyable.

Read more from the author Dave Treadstone at Driving Test about the best driving course online where you can read the full I Drive Safely review and other online driving courses and training guides that cover all the tasks required to get your motorcycle or car drivers license. Discover loads of information for teen driver education, defensive driving, dismissing traffic tickets via online traffic school and much more.


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    • archer0830 profile image

      archer0830 5 years ago

      I went with the iDriveSafely course and was pretty satisfied. During my research, I found this review of the course. Pretty detailed and I thought it was accurate:

    • profile image

      Jose Garvier 5 years ago

      I Drive Safely looks like a pretty good site. I went to Cheap Easy Fast Online Traffic School and it was cheap & fast they are probably both good.