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Best Practices to Clean a Car

Updated on June 29, 2015
Hand washing a car.
Hand washing a car.

Car cleaning is a regular chore to make cars look fantastic. Some drivers do so washing their cars from the outside and vacuuming the interior. Cleaning cars doesn’t always require work at a car wash or gas station. It can also be done right at your own home.


Some people like to wash their cars at a car wash; others prefer doing it at home. Whatever you choose, wash your car on a normal basis, preferably at least twice a month. Rain certainly can’t do the entire job. It can mix with dust and dirt, leaving stains on the windows.

When you wash your car, make sure all the windows are rolled up and hose it down with clean water. Use a good, soft sponge to dump it into a bucket of clean water mixed with liquid soap. Scrub it well, from the top to the tires. Add more water and soap as you’re cleaning to avoid using so much dirty water.

Finally rinse the suds away with the hose. To dry the car, use a large, fluffy bath towel. Rub the car with it to prevent water stains forming. And remember, to make your car look its best, wax it on occasion. Just make sure you use the correct wax based on your vehicle’s paint coating.

Using wax helps keep your car looking shiny and bright.
Using wax helps keep your car looking shiny and bright.

Keeping It Trash and Clutter Free

It’s hard to resist eating fast food in your car and stuffing wrappers underneath one of your seats. But eating in your car can leave crumbs, perhaps attracting ants and other insects. Try to avoid eating meals in the car; wait until you get home instead. When you need to throw waste away, toss it into a car trash bag hanging near the steering wheel. When it’s full, just pitch it and use a new bag.


Of course, you can always use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner and clean your car whenever you like. When you do so, remove all the rugs from the car so you can reach the carpet. Vacuum the seats, the carpet that’s under the seats, cup holders, and finally the rugs. If you want to clean the trunk, remove anything that’s in it and continue the vacuuming from there.

You can vacuum your car using a small sweeper or a hand-held vacuum.
You can vacuum your car using a small sweeper or a hand-held vacuum.

Window and Carpet Cleaning

Windows need to be dirt-free so you can see clearly as you drive. To clean the windows, use a streak-free glass cleaner and some paper towels. Spray the windows a few times and rub. As for the carpet, spray a carpet cleaner directly onto it. Let that penetrate into the dirt for several seconds before wiping it with a clean towel.

You can make car cleaning even more fun doing it at home. It doesn’t require so much pocket change, and you can still get workout rubbing and scrubbing. If you wish, hang a sweet air freshener inside your car for the finishing touch.


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