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Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kits

Updated on November 5, 2011

Find the best Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kit to make it easy and safe to use your Galaxy S2 while driving!

Finding the Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kit

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one amazing mobile device, but using it handsfree can still be difficult. Choosing from one of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 car kits can help vastly improve hands free usability, and help prevent accidents which can be caused by cell phone usage.

The complexity of car kits can vary greatly, and you may find that your car already has some car kit functionality built in. For the most part however you can quickly and easily add a Samsung Galaxy S2 car kit to your vehicle, even if it has no car kit connections!

Remember to make sure that the car kit you choose fits your version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. There are several different versions which vary in size!

Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kit
Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kit

Types of Car Kit for the Samsung Galaxy S2

Before you just ask for a Samsung Galaxy S2 car kit, be prepared to look at a few different types which provide various amounts of utility and types of fixings. Some Galaxy S2 car kits come with suction fittings, others can even sit in your cup holders, or attach to a cigarette lighter!

The wide range of choices mean that it is much easier for you to find a car kit that suits your car!

For most people a simple suction cup car kit will do the job, but if you don't like it occupying your windshield, there are alternatives.

Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kit

It makes sense to start of my list of the best Galaxy S2 car kits with the official samsung product. There are a few different versions of this device made for the different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2, all of them are fairly similar though. The most common version is for the Verizon Samasung Galaxy S2.

The Official Samsung Galaxy S2 car kit attaches to your car windscreen or dashboard with a suction cup. It allows you to rotate your phone, which is useful if you use your phone for various tasks whiel driving. This is especially useful when you are trying to use the GPS function, where you really want to use your phone in horizontal mode.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Windshield Car Kit

There are a wide selection of generic branded Samsung Galaxy S2 Windshield car kits available which are easy to attach and detach. These use a simple suction cup to attach the car kit to your windshield, and usually rotate to allow you to use your Galaxy S2 in either landscape or portrait mode.

While Windscreen mounted Galaxy S2 car kits are easy to install and great for sat nav, some people do find that they block a little too much windshield space. This makes Windshield mounted car kits more suitable for larger cars.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Dashboard Mounted Car Kit

Dashboard mounted car kits for the Samsung Galaxy S2 are available in a wide range of innovative designs which give you a lot of choice. Unlike windshield mounted car kits a car kit for your dashboard will not block as much of your view when you are driving.

Dashboard Car Kits can attach to your dashboard in a variety of ways, although some people feel that the non suction types do not feel as sturdy as dashboard or air vent mounted car kits.

Despite this Galaxy S2 car kits are my favorite out of the varied types of hands-free cell phone accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Universal Car kit

If you are not sure what kind of car kit you want for your Galaxy S2 then you might find a universal car kit teh most suitable of all. these can often be mounted in to your cigerette socket, mounted on your dashboard or windscreen, and can even sometimes hook up to your car's air vents.

This utility means that you can always use your cell phone in a comfortable and more importantly safe position when you are driving.

Because of this utitility the best universal car kits are often a little more expensive, however their adaptability and customizability make them a great choice of this is your first car kit, and you are unsure which type of fixing is best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Speaker Phone

A great alternative to a car kit is to get a Bluetooth Galaxy S2 speaker phone. While these don't give you much of the functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S2, they do easily allow you to use your cell phone as a phone when you are driving!

Bluetooth Car Kits will generally make it impossible to use your Galaxy S2 for Satellite Navigation and other advanced cell phone feature. While you shouldn't be doing things like playing Angry Birds whiel driving in any case, being unable to use your phone for things like music is a big draw back for many.


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