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Bike training

Updated on January 29, 2013

Compulsory Basic Training

To make the long story short I have to tell you that you must take this course. There is nothing you can do to avoid it even if you already own a driving license. You can’t go on the road driving a motorbike if you don’t take the CBT training first. You don’t have to worry as this isn’t complicated; it’s just a training course after which you have to complete a theoretical test and a practical one. Of course you will need to pass the first one before you can take the latter one. Be careful as the certificate is available for only 2 years. Once you get this you will be allowed to ride a 125cc on the road with one exception: the motorways. If you want to get a proper ride and a proper number you will have to take the next step – Direct Access Scheme or DAS.

Direct Access Scheme

There are 3 conditions you have to fulfill first: to be 21 years old or over, to pass a CBT and you must have a motorcycle theory test certificate. If you are old enough and passed the tests then you can attend the Direct Access Scheme or DAS course which will allow you, after completion, to ride any motorcycle. There are 2 modules in this training: the off-road module and on-road module. The names are pretty suggestive and you can imagine what you’ll have to do. First you will learn everything on an off road site and only after you mastered this and the instructor thinks you are ok you will get be allowed to get on the road.

Nowadays there are lots of London bike training school and you have to be sure that you choose a good one with nice reviews that has a high percentage when it comes to the final exam. You don’t want to go a school where you don’t learn anything and you will fail the exam – you want to go to a good one so that you can take your license and then go out with your bike for a ride.


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