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M3 BMW Review

Updated on July 21, 2013

The M3

One of the greatest coupe and saloon line ever made, this is worth the read. The BMW M3 is a true icon of the sports car industry and is quite reserved in its looks but my oh my can it go. This car was made in a time when it was still possible to make cars that performed minus the health issues and the power limit regulations of today. Check out the history and footage of this car and the ideas and performance of it ,decide for yourself if it has changed during the years and maybe you might just get some appreciation for the true engineering beauty of this machine. As BMW quite rightly put it , Driving Excellence , M3 the ultimate driving machine.

The BMW M3 is the a car that is derived from the 3 series and is based on the E30, E36, E46, E90-E95 models. The BMW is made by the in-house modification division called M teknik and M-sport Division. The M3 started in 1986 after there were a growing number of people that were complaining that other people had faster 3series than their and that their colleagues with Amg's were faster than them. The car that was built as a result of this was renowned as one of the best overall performing sports saloon cars ever made.

The first M3 came with a 2.3ltr engine which was naturally aspirated and a 5 speed manual gearbox. It was a moment of brilliance and even though the cars had seen a boost in expense which translated to the price list they were still flying out of the dealerships and orders were constantly coming in, and so the M3 was born.

The M tech division also competed the M3 in many forms of racing and they were also bought by a lot of racing teams and privateers racing their cars including Pro drive and AC Schinzer. In the 90's BMW came back with the E36 which is widely regarded as the best M3 ever made. It was the first M3 with a six cylinder 3ltr engine developing 340bhp. It came with a 6 speed gear box in manual and an option of the greatest gearbox to be fitted on the M3 the SMG gearbox. Performance was not to be messed with 0-60mph came in 5.2sec and the car was electronically limited to 155mph , take of the limiter and you would be doing 170mph.

The M3 CSL was launched as the racing version of the M3 (E36) the M3 before this was taken racing by BMW and other teams but the drivers complained. They stared pushing for a race ready M3 to take on the Porsche 911s. The M3 CSL was then born a race ready version of the M3 and was also turned into a road version for the race conscious driver.

The E46 came out in October 200 with a 3.4ltr M tuned engine which produce 350bhp a further increase of the E36. The car also came with the standard 6speed transmission but optionally came with the SMGII gearbox. The car also came with independent throttle bodies and electronically operated throttles which meant the car was drive by wire. 0-60 came round in 5.1 sec and top speed was 191mph, which for a long time stood as the fastest saloon production car made by BMW and one of the fastest cars made.

The New M3 due to be called the M4 was quickly changed back to the M3 because of the interest to retain the product line. The cars a 4ltr V8 0-60mph in 5.9sec and a quarter mile in 12.4 secs and a top speed of 178mph. Personally in my opinion the best M3 was the E46 because of the performance , these new cars are just to slower compared to the cars of old because of environmental issues and safety. Save me the trouble and give me the old CD player, you keep the new MP3 I-dock shuffle.


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