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Boat fuel trailers equal more time on the water

Updated on January 22, 2014
Shown here is a gas trailer being used to refuel a boat.
Shown here is a gas trailer being used to refuel a boat.

Boating and a gas trailer are a good combination

When the weather is beautiful outside, what you want to do is enjoy it, right? For some people, that means getting the boat in the water and forgetting about the stresses of life. As your rushing to escape reality, your realize that your boat needs fuel and the closest gas station is a half an hour away, taking away a good portion of your fun time.

To keep this from happening again, utilize a boat fuel trailer so you're not kept from being on the water any longer than you have to be.

Not your everyday gas storage option

As the name implies, a boat gas trailer gives you a place to store gasoline, allowing you to use the gas stored in it to fuel up your boat whenever you need to. Keep in mind though, a gas tank trailer isn’t anything like a regular gas can or storage container that you might buy from a hardware or home improvement store. Those kinds of storage containers only allow you to keep a small amount of fuel on hand, which is not the case with boat mobile fuel trailers.

A side view of the Pro 110 Industrial gas trailer, ideal for using to refuel boats and other equipment.
A side view of the Pro 110 Industrial gas trailer, ideal for using to refuel boats and other equipment.

Storing and hauling fuel is easy

With portable boat gasoline trailers, you’re able to store and haul large amounts of fuel because of their design as seen by the models, such as the Pro 110 Industrial FTS, offered at Gas Trailer.

They feature a storage capacity of 20, 55, 100, and 150 gallons and are built to be mobile just like regular trailers since they are equipped with a standard 2’ ball trailer coupler.

So, you can transport one pretty much wherever you want without much effort provided that you have a car, truck, van, SUV, or other vehicle with a tow package.

Gas trailers are available in a variety of sizes with some featuring manual fuel pumps while others come equipped with electric ones, depending upon your preference.
Gas trailers are available in a variety of sizes with some featuring manual fuel pumps while others come equipped with electric ones, depending upon your preference.

How to pick the right one

When deciding on what boat mobile fuel trailer to acquire, there are some main things to keep in mind so you pick the correct one to match your fueling requirements.

They consist of:

  • How much fuel do you go through? If you use a lot of fuel, then one that a larger capacity gas trailer is ideal for you. Or, if your needs vary, then a medium sized option would work well. And, if you don't plan on using it that often, you could purchase one that has a smaller fuel capacity. Whatever you do though, don't sell yourself short, meaning, even if you think a smaller one will do, go one size up to avoid having to make more trips to the gas station than you really need to.
  • How often will you use it? If you’re going to use it often, then you probably want one with an electric gas pump instead of having to pump the gas manually yourself. Although pumping the gas manually isn’t all that difficult, it will save you time if you go the electric route.

  • Where are you going to use it? Where you use your gas trailer is something that you should factor in when deciding on the one you want to get. For instance, if you plan to use your gas trailer on the open road, then you would want to get an option that is a bit lighter like the ones that are crafted from aluminum found at However, if you're just going to get one and park it in place at a job site or your cottage, then you can get one made from heaver materials like the economy option from Gas Trailer that features a powder coated steel frame. Both options allow you to easily transport fuel, yet the first option is a bit lighter and that means spending less money on gas to transport it.

Shown here is a gas trailer being used to refuel lawn equipment.
Shown here is a gas trailer being used to refuel lawn equipment.

Other gas trailer uses

Not only are boat gas tank trailers a good option for always having fuel around for gassing up boats, jet-skis, and other water toys, but they are a handy selection for keeping reserve amounts of fuel in place for other scenarios as well. Like if you own a small car dealership and want to keep gas on site or if you own a construction company and want to ensure your equipment is always fueled up and ready to go.

In addition, a few of the other places where one would be useful include:

- Out at your ice fishing site so you can easily fuel your generator.
- At a cabin or cottage to have fuel for dirt bikes and other all terrain toys.
- In storage to have fuel around when a disaster strikes.
- On the road with you when you're taking long trips.

Basically, they can be used pretty much wherever you may need fuel.

Where to find boat gas trailers

The best place to browse the gas trailer that are available is by visiting our fully functional website, which showcases a variety of models. Or if you want to see one in person, just visit one of our dealers located throughout the United States.

When it comes down to it, by owning a boat fuel trailer, you’ll be able to spend more time on the water instead of having to get gas. One would be a smart purchase, especially because of its versatility and how it can be used in other scenarios where fuel is needed.


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