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Breathable Car Cover

Updated on January 18, 2011

If you value and cherish your automobile investment, you would want to prolong its new-car appearance for as long as you can, with as little maintenance fees as possible. One proven way to do so is to use breathable car covers when your car is not in use or in prolonged storage. In this hub, we shall discuss more why products such as these are good investments, and finish off with a few recommended product recommendations.

What are breathable car covers?

So really, what makes a car cover breathable? Simply put, a breathable cover is one that prevents the buildup of moisture within the covered area. The reason why evidently-specified breathable covers became popular is because the majority of car covers are waterproof. Being such, covers of old were indeed waterproof, but the same property meant they trapped water from inside if it builds up from moisture—the surface of the car getting cold. The waterproof property becomes a paradox as it now creates a scenario which it was supposed to prevent in the first place. Moisture, as we know it, is not car-paint friendly, and some of the most obsessive car owners do everything to prevent moisture build-up on their cars.

Manufacturers have gone through great lengths in product research to come up with breathable, yet waterproof fabrics. In fact, car covers of today have become so much more complicated and advanced. There are covers that suit heavy, outside, and year-round use, while there are some suited for light, roofed-garage use to simply prevent dust buildup.

Most breathable car covers use materials from anything such as multi-ply Polypropylene to microfiber-lined silicone jackets.

Tips on buying car covers

Breathable, the word, associated with car covers is normally used in Europe markets. However, in the United States, some also use the term while others simply adhere to the description moisture-resistant. To get the best protection possible, you can opt for custom-made car covers. It is important for the cover to have a snug fit with the car, and going custom ensures this happens.

With custom-fit covers, you also get to select from a number of different materials that can suit your application (as discussed above). Go with a car cover specialty store—there are a number even online—and check out what they have to offer.

A ready-made or ready-fit car cover might by cheaper, but you do not get to choose from as many options as custom ones. Plus, while most car-cover manufacturers have sizes for virtually any-shaped car, getting one that fits right is not guaranteed.

Anyway, always make sure to ask and specify that their materials are in fact breathable. If they seem unsure with your term, simply ask them if it lets moisture escape or not.


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