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Buckboard Wagons- You can still purchase an Amish full size or scaled version buckboard wagon for work or display.

Updated on May 20, 2012

The largest manufacturing source for the buckboard wagons today are within the Amish self-sufficient communities who still build and use the buckboard wagon as

The buckboard wagon is probably the most written, most talked about, most photographed and most filmed source of transportation over any modern day automobile.

Aside the famous covered wagon the buckboard wagon was the do everything transportation for people. It hauled the family to town, hauled supplies home, served as an ambulance when people were hurt, hauled feed and fencing supplies, hauled couples as they dated and even was the bride and groom transportation from the church.

There wasn’t a wide choice of transportation choices in the 1800’s and early 1900’s until the automobile then known as the horseless carriage began to replace the horse and wagons

Just like the automobile there is just something that intrigues people to have a piece of this American transportation history.

People will purchase antique buckboard wagons, gather the remaining parts and restore one or purchase a new one from a wagon manufacturing company.

The use of buckboard wagons today vary from actual using them as they were designed by the Amish, for working living heritage museums to all types of horse pulled events and functions.

Buckboard wagons are also used for store merchandise displays, advertisements, and yard displays.

Scaled and miniature versions are sought after for yard displays, and other nostalgic decorating.

There are still many manufacturing the buckboard, using the same construction and design methods from the early 1800s when the buckboard went from a simple platform with wheels and a seat to a more refined version which has been the standard ever since.

The largest manufacturing source for the buckboard wagons are within the Amish self-sufficient communities who still build and use the buckboard wagon as it was used in the 1800s.

Anyone can actually purchase a full sized Amish built buckboard wagon for around $4000. Not including the freight and shipping cost from Northern Indiana.

These are the authentic style buckboard wagon, with options of the old hand brakes or more modern hydraulic foot pedal operated rear brakes, something that comes in a bit handy these days when coming up to a four-way stop.

They come with the wooden spoke wheels with hard rubber tires, and the leaf spring buckboard seat to help smooth the ride.

If you would like something smaller, the Amish also build a scaled version that can be pulled with a pony or used as a display.

The buckboard wagon also is built in a medium and small size for yard and even store merchandize displays. They can even be varnished and covered with a glass top for coffee tables or for other indoor uses.

Even a metal flower box option is available for making a mobile planter.

You can purchase Amish made buckboard wagons from a full size working wagon, a scaled version or a replica for indoor or outdoor display from Cottage Craft Works .com

You can even purchase a brand new buggie jack for a buckboard that is being restored.

Cottage Craft Works is an online general store that provides historical new reproduction non-electric items that were used in the 1800s-1900s. They can also you find parts to restore old time buckboards and wagons.

You will find Amish made products but many other small cottage based business products are also available. The site reassembles an early 1900s Sears & Roebuck Catalog providing product for farm, home and ranch.


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