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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – Tradition Meets Innovation

Updated on May 5, 2013

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport | Source

Bugatti: A Brief History

Ettore Bugatti founded the company in 1909, and quickly earned a reputation for quality and creative design. It’s no wonder – Ettore came from an artistic family (his father was a successful jewelry and furniture designer.) Some of their most famous early cars include the Type 35 Grand Prix, the Type 57 “Atlantic,” the Type 41 "Royale", and the Type 55 sports car.

Design was a major focus for Bugatti. The engine blocks were hand scraped to make sure that the surfaces were flat that gaskets were not required for sealing. Safety wires were threaded through fasteners in intricately laced designs. Springs were not bolted to axles; instead, the axles were created in such a way that the spring passed through an opening in the axle.

In just a few decades, the Bugatti name became well known in the racing world, winning many thousands of victories. Tragically, in 1939, Ettore’s son Jean was killed while testing the Type 57 tank-bodied model. Subsequently the company’s fortune began to decline, and the focus became manufacturing airline parts.

Today, the Bugatti name is owned by Volkswagen AG. The Bugatti name is still synonymous with tradition, quality and design. The company enjoyed a revival throughout the 1980’s and 90’s and continues to attract sports car enthusiasts and racers alike.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Made in Molsheim, Alsace, France, this 2-door coupe is valued at approximately $2.6 million U.S. It is considered the fastest production car in the world that is road-legal, with a top speed of 268 mph. Only 30 of these super cars have been produced, and are available exclusively from the Bugatti manufacturers.

With a 16 cylinder engine and 1,200 HP, this car delivers superior performance and design. Four turbochargers and larger intercoolers have been installed to boost engine power, and the chassis was designed to maintain the highest of safety measures at top speed. Shock absorbers, stiff Anti-Roll-bars and a raised main-spring-rate, this racing car gives the driver more precision and control when at the wheel.

The body has been designed in order to improve the aerodynamic efficiency and balance in every driving situation; the all-carbon monocoque provides maximum safety and torosion rigidity, all at a reduced weight. Made of carbon-fibre composites, the Bugatti Veryron Super Sport is available in 100% clear lacquered exposed carbon upon request.

Don’t expect great gas mileage, though; but if you can afford $2.4 million, you can probably deal with rising gas prices too!

You can add your own personal touches as well, to this super car. Don’t like Ettore Bugatti’s initials on the gas cap? You can get your own initials etched in. Or you could go with some illuminated doorsills, with a personal message etched in. Expect to pay about $428,000 for clear-coated carbon fiber, rather than paint.


7-speed dual-clutch automated manual

Width: 78.7”

Wheelbase: 106.7”

Curb weight: 4400 pounds

Length: 175.7”

Height: 45.1–46.9“

0 to 60 mph: 2.4 sec

0 to 100 mph: 5.0 sec

Top speed: 258 mph

Fuel Economy (Estimated): City 7 mpg; Highway 15 mpg


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