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Build A Virtual Car

Updated on July 23, 2014

Building a virtual car online is really super easy. We live in the twenty first century when everything is just a click away. Thank goodness for super software programs that make it a breeze. Now you can actually build a virtual car in a few easy steps that anybody can follow. To build a virtual car online as you can see doesn't really take much. All you need is to sit down and do it. We've got it all broken down into steps for you, now you can begin solidifying those wild ideas. By the way, somebody designed the flying car.

Step By Step Process To Build A Virtual Car

Below is a step-by-step process to enable you build a virtual car with a computer-aided design CAD software.

  1. If you want to build a virtual car, you'll first need a picture or a rough sketch to begin with.
  2. Once you have designed the hard copies, the CAD software becomes handy. This software allows you to edit the design and customize it. The different features of the software are valuable.
  3. While you are editing, the first step to build a virtual car is to create an outline of the car. The outline can be traced using the 'line' tool.
  4. Next the 'extrusion' tool can be used to convert the 2-d image into a 3-dimensional image.
  5. The 'drawing' tool should be used to build a cylindrical shape - tire for your virtual car. You would require four cylindrical shapes would to create 4 tires of your virtual car.
  6. Next you would need to adjust the size of these cylindrical shapes using the 'sizing' tool.
  7. The 'cut' tool would enable you to trace additional details such as windows, doors, windshield, etc. to make your virtual car begin looking spectacular
  8. Lastly after tracing the details, go ahead and paint them using the 'color' tool.

How to Build A Virtual Car Using Google Sketchup

Using Alias Software To Build A Virtual car

Draw lines and make curves on the Alias software using "Tools" and "Draw." Transfer your ideas to the computer. No matter what program you use, you should use the zoom tool to get a close view of detailed work. Take your time and have fun building the virtual car you're imagining. Just a few steps and you through with building a virtual car online. It's not rocket science.

Online Services That Can Help You Build A Virtual car

Some of these online services that enable us to build a virtual car are simply amazing. They have made the whole process so easy. Simply follow these steps and you'll be able to build a virtual car in no time flat. Don't just dream about it, build it. What do you plan to do this weekend. Why not get busy and build a virtual car online. I'm very sure your family and friends will be so impressed by your result as you start to build a virtual car online today.

Download Alias AutoStudio or similar software that allows you to design automobiles and their parts . You can find open-source software for free, or you can purchase expensive programs with a lot of power. You may even want to join one of the Internet communities that feature people who work together to design the most efficient mass-market car possible. Catch your fun. Start now and build a virtual car online to suite your own taste. After all, it's your luxury. Make your self happy. Build a virtual car online now.

Big Companies Use Software To Build Virtual Cars

A lot of car manufacturing companies such as Ford and Lamborghini now use virtual design technology to design the cars of the future. This is because it is easier to be creative when you build a virtual car using software that are innately intuitive in nature. Many other companies like Toyota, Audi and Hyundai are also following the trend. You know what they say, once you have it on paper, it's just a matter of time before you hold it in your hands.


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    • profile image

      Sthrnarmy 7 years ago

      ok im a mechanic so say i want a 69 boss 302 mustang ill be able to virtually build the motor, exterior, and interior how i want?

    • daniel4xt profile image

      Ayodeji 8 years ago from Gombe

      Yes you can make a virtual car. Download the Alias Auto Studio software and it will make it easy for you to build a virtual car from the ground up.